Stark´s Frey Girl


Chapter 008




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Theon Greyjoy was gone; he left early this morning to Pyke. He was going to speak to his father and get the Iron Islanders to join the Stark banner men.

Catelyn Stark seemed to be happy about this as well considering she never really approved of the wards ways with women. The few weeks that had gone past there had been four different handmaiden's that had been seen leaving his tent.

They were all fairly equal with looks; three had dark hair tied in a knot at the base of their heads while the fourth had sun blond hair that she always wore lose. I had seen her around camp leaving many other tents filled with young men who had pledged themselves to Robb back in Winterfell.

I had learned that the blond's name was Agatha, but was called Aggie by everyone around camp. She was a maid and took care of all the cleaning in the tents around camp. To me she seemed to be wasted around here seeing as she spent too much time with men.

It was when she started giving Robb looks as he walked past that I really started disliking her.

"Ignore it Lady Frey." Lily my handmaiden muttered as she walked by my side as we wondered through the camp. "She has high hopes that are too high."

"I wonder sometimes Lily whether Robb is simply staying with me because he was betrothed to me," I whispered wringing my hands in the folds of my dress. Today the men seemed to be running around camp in preparation to leave for Riverrun. "He could have anyone."

"My Lady not to seem rude, but have you not been watching the King since he returned from battle?" Lily asked catching hold of my arm as I tripped on a lose tuft of mud.

"Yes, but it's not much different from his normal actions toward me." I stated walking faster as I caught sight of Aggie approaching my Robb. "Lily if I was not a Lady I would slap her." I gave my handmaiden a silent promise before rushing over to Robb.

It so happened that just as I stepped closer Aggie got to close to Robb for Greywind's liking as he bared his teeth to her emitting a low growl. Aggie jumped back with a cry looking to Robb for some assistance. Robb glanced between the girl and his wolf before turning back to Lord Umber.

"Nice doggy, move." Aggie spat glaring at Greywind who stood his ground and growled at the blond.

"He's not a dog, he is a direwolf." I told her stepping over to the wolf and dragging my hand through his fur. Greywind looked up at me before glaring back at the blond. "Greywind leave the poor girl alone."

"I'm not a girl and you're a fine one to talk about being a girl. I've slept with more men then you could ever get." She sneered crossing her arms against her low cut, exposed chest.

"Aggie!" Lily exclaimed sounded completely shocked that something like that would come from her mouth. I wasn't shocked not after seeing how she was around men.

"She got what she deserved Lily. She's probably only here to keep men's beds warm at night." Aggie snorted glancing at me up and down before her eyes stopped at my shoulders. "You stole the robe of the King; you could have your head off for that -."

"I gave it to her." came the husky voice from my side. I turned to see Robb and Greatjon Umber staring at the blond with furrowed brows. "What makes you think you can talk to her like that?"

"She's just a maid, your grace, nothing to it." Aggie replied bowing her head as she spoke. Oh this girl knew nothing and she had been here longer than me.

"Do you not know who she is?" Robb asked stepping closer to my side as he spoke. The blond shook her head and peered curiously at me as if she was missing something. "Lily please inform Agatha whom she was speaking to please."

"Lady Frey, your grace." Lily mustered up giving me an apologetic smile. She was apologizing for Aggie.

"How is it Agatha that your cousin knows whom this Lady is yet you do not? Isn't it your job to know everyone within camp?" Robb asked raising his eyebrows as Aggie dropped her gaze to the floor followed by her head.

"Robb leave her alone now." I hissed seeing the blond shaking as Robb spoke to her.

"She won't speak to you like that!" he snapped turning his eyes onto me. I saw the fire burning in his eyes showing the anger he felt.

"I won't let you scare some defenseless girl over something stupid!" I argued back clenching my hands into fists. "Aggie you can leave." The blond didn't think about leaving before she was gone. Robb looked ready to argue more but I spoke before he could. "I will see you tonight; hopefully your head will be clear." I turned on my heel heading back towards Robb's tent with Lily following me.

"You should marry her already Robb." Lord Umber laughed loud enough for me to hear as I walked away.


"I've apologized six times already Evie what else can you expect me to do?" Robb moaned as he followed me around his tent as I packed a few clean dresses away in the chest.

"You got back from a battle two days ago Robb and you're already shouting at people for the way they speak to me." I told him scratching Greywind behind the ear as he walked passed. "I'm used to people talking to me like that you don't need to stick up for me."

"I'm to be your husband I'm meant to stick up for you." Robb argued grabbing hold of my arm and spinning me round to face him.

"We don't know when we're going to marry Robb. You promised my father it would be after the war. That could be in two years' time or you could be killed before we even marry." I pointed out pulling out of his grip and picking up a few nightdresses that had been brought in my Lily a few minutes ago.

Robb stood in the middle of his tent frozen in his place for a long time. I only knew he was stood there for a long time because I managed to put away all my clean dresses, nightdresses and slips and then get my dress out for tomorrow. Lily had also managed to fill the tub with warm water while Robb stood there like stone.

"What do you think is wrong with him my lady?" Lily asked quietly as we stood behind the thin wall that hide the tub from view. She was untying my laces so I could take a bath. It wasn't right for me to have a bath with Robb present in the room, but we had asked him three times to move, yet he did not answer. Lily pulled the arms of the dress off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. I stepped out of the dress, slipped off my boots and pulled my slip over my head before stepping into the bath.

"He's a man; you never know what's wrong with them." I replied sinking down into the tub and accepting the cloth that Lily handed me and begun to wipe away the dirt from the last few days. Lily had added Lavender oil into the water to help my skin smell fresh and stay soft. "You can leave and help Mara with the washing; I don't need you until the morning."

"As you wish my lady." She uttered before taking my dress and slip to be cleaned. I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings as I washed my skin and if I had released that Robb was getting closer I would have attempted to cover myself, but instead I leant my head back and closed my eyes, thankful that Lily tied my hair when I first arrived back at the tent.

"Marry me tonight." His voice broke the calming quite that had been growing around the tent as day broke into evening. The sun was setting, but there was still a light to the growing night. My eyes snapped open and landed on Robb who was standing in front of the tub staring at me.

"Robb!" I shouted attempting to cover myself with my hands. I could feel my cheeks burning as his eyes did a sweep over my naked body before looking up at me face.

"Marry me tonight." He repeated looking sincere as spoke. I looked over his face and then looked into his blue eyes. He really did want to marry me tonight; it was clear in his eyes.

"Tonight's a bit short notice is it not? Your mother won't be happy to miss the wedding Robb." I muttered reaching out to grab the thin clothe that covered my whole body, but helped dry me before I changed into a slip. Robb reached the cloth before me but help it up so it covered his face, but still allowed me to wrap myself in it.

"My mother will make it to the wedding I'll ask her to come. Lord Umber and a few of my closer banner men to witness the ceremony, I'm asking you to marry me tonight Evie." Robb pressed wrapping his arms around my waist as I wrapped the cloth around me.

"What about the priest Robb? I want to get married in a godswood in front of a weirwood tree. That's important to me and that's what I want." I stated resting my head against his chest in defeat. Deep down inside me I knew I was going to give in to him.

"There is a godswood here a few minutes into the forest, the weirwood tree cries like the one in Winterfell or at The Twins." Robb replied rubbing a hand up and down my back kissing my hair lightly before pulling away. "We have a priest here. He's here to bless those that die, I'm sure he wouldn't mind holding a wedding. Just please marry me Evie." I started at him with my green eyes, looking into his sea blue ones. He really did want this and I knew that I wanted it as well, but did I want it this way?

"Fine, I'll marry you tonight," I started but was interrupted when Robb picked me up and brought me into a tight hug. "I didn't finish. I'll have to write to my father and tell him that our marriage has been complete. He'll probably be happy to be the good-father of the King of the North and it will stop him from complaining." I pushed on Robb's shoulders and he understood that I wanted to be put down. "Go and get your mother and tell her. Please send her here to help me pick out a dress for tonight please." I gave him a small smile but pushed him toward the entrance of the tent without another word.

When I was alone I took in a deep breath and then closed my eyes before slipping into a slip.


Lady Stark led me through the forest a few feet away from the tents surrounding the camp. Greywind was strolling in front of us and the Lords and a few banner men were walking in front of us. Robb was already at the weirwood tree with the priest waiting for me to arrive with the witnesses.

I could feel myself shaking and Catelyn gave my hand a gently squeeze in a motherly way and continued to lead me towards my betrothed. The dress we picked was a light blue one, the closest dress I had that came to white. Catelyn had styled my hair into a traditional Northern braid that stopped at a knot at the base of my neck and ran down in my red curls till mid-back.

As we got closer the Lords moved to the sides as we entered the Godswood and I felt myself smile as I saw Robb standing before the weirwood tree. Candles were placed all around on the floor allowing light to be spread across the Godswood. Catelyn walked me to the weirwood and placed my hand within Robb's and we turned to face the priest.

"To start this blessing of marriage you must remove Lady Frey's house cloak and replace it with your own house cloak." The priest started holding a grey ribbon in his hands as he spoke. Robb reached over and removed my light grey cloak and replace it with his dark grey, almost black cloak. "You must now join both hands together and face your betrothed." We did as instructed and the priest tied our hands with the grey ribbon. A symbol of being bound together forever. "Who comes before the Gods?" the priest asked looking up to the sky as if expecting an answer from the gods themselves.

"Eibhleann of house Frey. She comes to beg the blessing of the old gods." Catelyn answered stepping forward as she did so, allowing herself to be seen as she spoke.

"Who comes to claim her?" the priest asked looking down at us this time as if checking we were still there.

"I do, Robb of house Stark, King of the North and heir of Winterfell." Robb declared bringing a small smile to my face.

"Lady Frey, will you take this man?"

"I will take this man." I stated proud that my voice projected louder than I thought.

"In the sight of the old gods, I hereby see you, these two souls, binding them as one for eternity. Look upon one another and say the words." The priest announced seeming pleased to be able to have gotten through most of his words. I doubt he had married a King before.

"Father. Smith. Warrior. Mother. Maiden. Crone. Stranger. I am hers and she is mine from this day, till the end of my days." Robb recited just as I recited my words.

"Father. Smith. Warrior. Mother. Maiden. Crone. Stranger. I am his and he is mine from this day, till the end of my days." We finished our words at the same time both giving off big smiles as we did so.

"You are now wed and I bestow upon the witnesses husband and his wife." The priest finished unbinding the ribbon and letting it fall to the floor where it would be left.

After the words left the priest's mouth Robb quickly brought his mouth down to mine and we shared our first kiss as a married couple.

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