Stark´s Frey Girl


Chapter 010




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The night was turning darker and the air was getting cooler. Most of the men had started to turn in, still exhausted from their return from battle a few days ago. The tent that belonged to their king was dark and empty. A shadow stalked passed many of the men and those that feared the direwolf moved away and quickly entered their tents.

Greywind was making his way back to his master's tent, after being kicked out he went hunting in the nearby forest. Halfway through his hunt he had the feeling something was wrong and headed in the direction he felt the unease.

Greywind entered through the blowing tent flap and sniffed in the still air. He could smell his master's mate, but could not see her due to the darkness in the tent. Using his strong sense of smell he allowed her scent to lead him to her. She wasn't far from the tent opening, but something didn't seem right to Greywind. She was curled up on the floor shivering but when he bumped her with his nose she did not wake.

Instead of going to find his master, Greywind dropped himself as close to Evie as he could get without crushing her. He made sure to rest behind her so if his master walked in he would find her on the floor. Greywind wanted to make sure she stayed warm until someone found her.


Robb Stark had just finished planning their next battle plan with Lord Umber and was now over at the Healer tent discussing with a few of the Maester's. From the corner of his eyes he could see Lady Talisa as she went around and spoke with a few of his injured men. Just seeing her made him think of the fight he had with Evie. He kept going over the fight in his head and thought that maybe he had pushed her and that it was his fault the fight started in the first place.

The Maester in charge told him that there wasn't any sure day they could give him considering how each man's injuries was different and would take different times to heal. The Maester's left him and he stood there in the middle of the tent looking at the closest men to him. One of them had a deep gash across his chest and he could tell from the smell coming off him that it was infected and he might die.

Robb not being able to spend any more time in the tent turned to leave and had taken two steps outside of the tent when he was stopped by a soft voice. He turned and looked down at the face of Lady Talisa.

"Could I speak with you your grace?" she asked dipping her head down in respect. Robb did understand where Evie was coming from; Lady Talisa was an attractive woman, but nothing could beat his Evie.

He loved her long red curls when they were left to flow down her back and blow freely in the wind. He loved her green eyes and the way she would smile with her eyes whenever she saw him. He loved the way Greywind would protect her even against him; his master. He loved the way she would be honest with him and he loved it when she had left him standing there the a few hours before he asked her to marry him. He loved the fact that she had agreed to marry him without any time to prepare. He even had loved the way she grew fierce and feisty when they had argued in their tent earlier. She had made him want her when she confessed her thoughts to him. She was unhappy; no she was jealous because she thought he wanted some other woman. He loved everything about her and his words he whispered to her the night they consummated their marriage were true. He was in love with her.

"Yes, but you must make it fast I have some place to be." Robb replied his thoughts on his red headed wife and how he had left her there in their tent crying and calling out for him. Robb led her to the side of the tent where they would not be in the way of the entrance.


Lily was taking an extra fur over to the King's tent after Mara ordered her to do so. The nights were getting colder and Lily knew that her Lady Evie would get colder as the nights allowed winter to take over. When Lily entered the tent she was greeted by darkness. She placed the fur down on the floor before lighting a candle on the King's desk. As she went to pick up the fur she noticed a candle lying on the floor not too far from the desk. As she went to pick it up she heard a low growl and snapped her head towards the noise.

There lying on the floor a few feet away from the tent opening was the form of her Queen lying in a heap with the King's direwolf resting behind her. Lily quickly rushed to her ladies side ignoring the low growl that emitted from the wolf.

"My Lady, my Lady are you okay?" Lily asked as she shook the shoulder of her Queen trying to wake her but it was no use. "Don't leave her alone, I'll be right back with help." Lily quickly stood and left the tent in search for Mara.

Lily was soon running through the camp, ignoring the men as they all called out for her assistance. She ran all the way to the maid's courters and bumped into a curious Lady Stark.

"Oh Lady Stark I am so very sorry, I did not see you there." Lily exclaimed lowering her head out of respect. Catelyn Stark looked down at the mousy haired girl with furrowed brows. She looked tired out and she seemed to be in a rush.

"What is wrong Lily?" Mara asked stepping up behind Lady Stark and peering at the girl of eight and ten, a girl she treated like a daughter.

"It's the Queen, she won't wake. I found her collapsed on the floor in her tent." Lily rushed feeling tears pool in her eyes making her sight blurred. "I tried to wake her Mara, but she was so still."

"Is she breathing?" Mara asked rushing over to the young Lily and taking her shoulders in a firm grasp.

"Yes, but she won't answer me." Lily cried rubbing her palms against her eyes to rub away the flowing tears.

"You left her alone?" Lady Stark asked the worry and panic clear on her face.

"No, Greywind was with her and I came here as fast as I could to get Mara." Lily replied hugging her arms around herself to help calm her nerves.

"Mara, come with me and we'll go and see Eibhleann. Lily go and fetch Maester Steel, he should have finished giving a few of the maids their daily moon tea. He should be in the outer tents of this courter." Lady Stark ordered giving the young maid a last glance as she ran to get the Maester, before leaving the tent with long strides to reach her good-daughter.

"My Lady, it might just be the chill getting to her." Mara whispered as she jogged to keep up with Catelyn. It seemed that the King's mother was in a rush to reach her good-daughter. Mara understood how Catelyn was feeling, she had seen the relationship grow between the two and thought it was very much like her relationship with young Lily.

"I want to know where Robb is, he should be with his wife, especially in the evening." Catelyn replied with her mouth set in a firm line. Just as they reached the tent they heard panting behind them and saw that Lily had ran to them, her face red with the effort.

"Maester Steel is coming now, he sent me ahead to help. He wants us to lift her onto the bed and make sure she is covered with thick furs until he gets here." Lily breathed out and quickly entered the tent with the two other women.

Greywind's head popped up as he heard the women enter and he climbed to his feet to move out of their way. Mara and Lily grabbed at Evie's feet and under her arms and lifted her as gently as they could. She was light to them as if she did not weigh a think, yet she was not as light as a feather.

"She's burning up." Catelyn stated as she rested her hand against her good-daughters head as she was tucked under furs. Lily looked at her Queen and ran to the basin of cool water, where she dipped a cloth into the water and ringed it out before rushing back over to the bed. Mara took the cloth from the young maid and gently set it across Evie's forehead hoping it would do something to cool down her heated body.

Greywind's growl drew the attention of the three woman and they looked at the old man that had just entered the tent.

"Good you did as I instructed." He mumbled coming over to the bed and waving the woman out of his way. He removed the cloth from the young girls head and run his hand over the now cooling head. "She's still hotter than she should be." He voiced to the three women knowing they would want to know everything he did. He pulled away the furs and pressed his hands along her arms, noting that they were cooling down as well. He brought his hand down to her stomach and frowned before turning to face the women. "Has the King been informed that his wife has passed out?"

"No, I'll send someone to find him now." Catelyn answered leaving the tent and spotting Lord Umber. She quickly made her way to him, not noticing they had stopped outside the cell that held the King Slayer. "Lord Umber, I need you to find Robb."

"Why?" he asked dipping his head at her in greeting before peering at her with wonder.

"His wife has been taken ill and he does not yet know." she rushed out getting impatient with his questions. Lord Umber looked at her with a frown before nodded his head and going over to the healer tent, where he knew Robb was going.

"Ah, the young wolf can't take care of his bitch." spat the cruel, harsh and disgusting voice of the King Slayer. Catelyn glanced at the dirtied man as he was hunched over in the mud of his cell. She didn't bother saying anything to him before she turned and rushed back to her good-daughters side.


Robb was staring at Lady Talisa with shock. What were her last words again? Oh yes, he remembers now.

"I've seen you around camp. You are a curious man Robb Stark. Your promise to Lord Frey has been spoken about from maid to maid, man to man. It makes me wonder what you're really like." She started staring up at him with a curious twinkle in her eye. He thought that this might be what his wife was talking about. "You agreed to marry one of his daughters to cross a bridge. Your loyalty to your father was great."

"Lady Talisa where are you going with this?" he asked taking an unconscious step away from her as she stepped forward.

"You've made me wonder Robb Stark. I've been thinking that you don't need to keep your promise to Lord Frey now. I didn't want you to marry her, you deserve better than some betrothal." She breathed smiling at him softly.

Robb could remember why he had frozen. Evie had been right in a way, but it was the wrong way round. He was not interested in being with Lady Talisa; Lady Talisa had been interested in him. The teaching him how to care for his injured me had been a way for her to get closer to him and he hadn't even known.

Lady Talisa had just told him in many words that she didn't want him to marry Evie, but her instead. Robb looked at her with a frown, and gently shook his head slowly.

"Talisa, I love Evie. It would never work between us." Robb told her not sure how he could have spoken the words in a nicer way. Talisa's eyes had started to water and Robb came to the realization that this woman was in love with him. She had fallen in love with him from a distance and now she wanted him to marry her. "I don't underst-"

"Robb, you need to come quickly." Lord Umber's voice interrupted what he was about to say. His voice sounded urgent and Robb's head snapped towards his banner man.

"What is it?" Robb asked walking over to the man as he tried to catch his breath.

"Eibhleann - Catelyn sent me to you - something's wrong with Eibhleann. There's a Maester with her now." Umber breathed out looking at his King with curiosity. The young woman next to him looked ready to drown in her tears and the young wolf looked tired and confused. Lord Umber could not say another word to the King as he had already left, leaving behind a rush of cold air.


Catelyn watched as the Maester placed the basin of cool water on the table beside the bed before dipping the cloth in to the water. She was about to ask him what was wrong with her Good-daughter but was interrupted by the sudden entrance of her son.

Robb Stark stood in the entrance of the tent breathing hard and staring at his wife as she lay motionless on their bed.

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