Stark´s Frey Girl


Chapter 019




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After spending a few hours strolling through the nearby forest we turned back and took to strolling through the camp. Osha kept Rickon occupied long enough for him not to complain and allowed time for Catelyn and I to talk.

"Has Robb been making you eat more meat?" she asked as she watched Rickon hide from Osha; they had made it a game half an hour ago. I snorted at her question and run my fingers through Shaggydog's fur.

"He's been making me eat more of everything. You need a sustainable breakfast, don't forgot to have lunch or if you get peckish through the day go to the kitchens. He's treating me like a child!" I exclaimed hoping I didn't offend Catelyn by talking about her son the way I was.

"He is very much like Ned. I could set foot outside unless I had someone with me. There was a few times I even found him in the same place pretending to do something so it looked like he wasn't watching me." she told me playing with a thin necklace as she spoke.

"He's already doing that, I'm not to leave the tent without Osha with me. It's not like I left the tent much before but now I feel like I have to leave the tent to get away from him." I muttered lifting my hands to run through my hair; I decided to leave it down today instead of having it in a braid. It was getting a lot colder here and soon I would be needed extra cloaks to keep me warm.

"It's a Stark thing. When Ned's father was alive before the slaying of the Mad King he told me all Stark men were over-protective when it came to their pregnant wives. Although then I was meant to wed Ned's older brother Brandon until he was killed and Ned was to be my husband." Catelyn replied going into her own world as she spoke. "What I'm trying to say is that it's normal for Stark's to protect their unborn children."

"Of course I'm bound to marry a man who won't let me leave his sight once he has impregnated me. I guess I'm used to having freedom with the way I was brought up, it's a little different." I stated resting my hand on my belly. I smiled at the thought of holding my babe once he was born. "What would you like Catelyn?" I looked up at the older woman waiting for her reply.

"It would be nice to have a granddaughter, but all first-born children of Stark's are boys. Ned gave me Robb, his father gave his mother Brandon and I'm sure Robb will have given you a Prince." she muttered smiling at the thought of the first-born Stark's being boys. "What would you like?"

"I don't mind, I'd happy with a boy or a girl, but I know Robb wants a boy. He's already referring to the baby as a he." I told her smiling at the memory of Robb calling out babe a Prince.

"So it is true? The wolf got the bitch impregnated with pups." drawled out a cold, callous voice stopping us both in our tracks. I turned my head to the side and noticed that we had come to the side of camp were the prisoners were kept. Jamie Lannister, the Queen's brother and true father to Joffrey Baratheon. I had forgotten he was here, Robb doesn't speak about him unless he's talking about getting his sister's back.

"Lannister, you have no right to speak!" Catelyn hissed grabbing my arm to pull me away from the cells. I could tell she hated this man very much; after all he was the one that crippled her son.

"How was he, the pup? Did he satisfy you like a real man? You know if I wasn't in this cell I could make you forget all about your husband, ruin you so that you will never think of anyone but me. If I wasn't in this cell I would make you lose that babe you carry so you know what it feels like to lose a child, make you cling to false hope. You would wish you never met Robb Stark, your life would be simpler if you stayed out The Twins. If I ever get out of this cell I'll ruins Robb Stark's life by taking the life of his wife and unborn child." He spat out meaning each word and it chilled me to the bone. This was one of those horrid men I was telling Rickon about and he was directing his words to me.

I didn't notice the tears slipping down my face or that I was clutching my flat stomach like I was in pain, I didn't notice that I had sunk to the floor as his words got to me. Catelyn sent an order to Osha to help lift me and I was vaguely aware of Rickon asking what was wrong.

The tears covered my sight so I had no recognition of were we were going. It wasn't until I felt the warmth of a tent that I assumed they had taken me back to my tent.

"What's wrong? Is it the baby?" Robb's sharp voice sounded in the tent as I was sat down in a hardback chair.

"Jamie Lannister said some things to her. Robb he said he would kill her and the babe if he ever got out of the cell." Catelyn answered her son as he knelt in front of me and pried my hands away from my stomach.

"Hey, nothings going to happen to you Evie. He won't be able to hurt you and we'll be at Riverrun in a few days. He'll be locked up in a proper cell, in the dungeons far away from you." Robb stated cupping my face and wiping away the tears allowing me to see. "You understand that right?" he asked giving me a sad smile. I nodded my head softly and bought my hand up to cup his.

"I'm sorry." I whispered feeling the last of my tears fall as he stroked my cheek with his fingers.

"Why are you apologising?" he asked sounded confused. Maybe he thought I was apologising for crying, but I wasn't.

"I'm sorry for snapping at you earlier. I didn't mean what I said, men are strong and brave; your strong and brave." I explained giving him a smile as he smiled at my explanation.

"I forgive you of course. How about we go and have a sleep until dinner?" he asked standing up and taking my hands in his as he helped me stand.

"I could use a rest, all this crying and walking has tired me out." I muttered squeezing his hand in mine. I looked over at Catelyn and Rickon, noting that Osha had left and smiled at the two of them. "Thank you for the company today Rickon, I would ask to go on a walk tomorrow but Robb has told me we will be leaving for Riverrun." I told the boy as he smiled up at me with confusion in his eyes. I turned to Catelyn and gave her a softer, more appreciated smile. "Thank you."

"Don't worry Evie, come Rickon Maester Steel has a lesson planned for you." she relied ushering him out as she left the tent. Robb's hand tugged on mine as he dragged me into the bed and under the soft furs. His arms wrapped around me sending a loving warmth into my chilled bones.

"I'm never going to let anything happen to you." he promised as he kissed my head as he held me close to him as if he was afraid I would leave him during our nap.

"I know."


The camp was bare, the only signs that there was someone here was the dying yellow grass all around the area the tents had been set up. Another indicator was the mass of soldiers, maids, Measter's and other household members all stood around waiting to leave. I was stood with Catelyn, Rickon, Osha, Hodor, Lily and Bran as we loaded the two carriages with our trunks of travelling clothes.

"Do you want to ride with me Bran? It's only my and Lily and I could enjoy your company." I asked the older boy as he looked around for Robb. Bran looked between me and his mother before deciding to speak.

"Would you mind mother?" he asked ever so politely proving that he was indeed a Stark.

"If it's what you choose Bran." She replied lifting Rickon up into the carriage as he whined about not being asked.

"You can ride with us after we stop Rickon." I told the younger boy who nodded in agreement before talking animatedly to Osha as she stepped into the carriage followed by Catelyn and Hodor. Bran was sat on his stool waiting for Robb to turn up before entering the carriage.

"Evie why aren't you in the carriage? You'll catch a cold out here." Robb called rushing over to me and wrapping my cloak tightly around me. I rolled my eyes at him and leaned up to give him a peck before pulling away and nodding to Bran.

"Bran's agreed to ride with me. He wants to speak with you before getting in the coach, I was waiting with him." I stated giving him another kiss before climbing into the carriage and perching on one of the soft, plump seats. Lily climbed in after me a needle, thread and cloth in her hand as she perched next to me by the door.

It wasn't long before Bran joined us, Robb lifting him onto his seat before stepping out of the carriage and looking at me.

"We'll be stopping after two hours, if you decided to leave take Lily with you." He ordered reminding me of his orders the day before.

"I will don't worry." I promised giving him a soft smile. "Ride safely." I added hoping he would take my words seriously, I didn't want my husband falling form his horse.

"Of course, I love you." He replied looking into my eyes when he uttered the last words. I blushed as I saw Bran pull a face and hated that Robb didn't care about showing how he felt in front of everyone.

"I love you Robb." I muttered feeling the blush deepen as I repeated the same words. It seemed I was never going to get used to saying that in front of people.

"I'll see you later. Can you watch her Bran?" Robb asked his brother sending me a teasing smile as he did so. Bran smiled and nodded back catching on to what Robb was doing. "I have to go now; we'll be leaving in a few minutes." Robb gave us one last smile before closing the door and leaving us to our thoughts.

"Feel free to sleep Bran; you'll probably have more room in here than the other carriage." I muttered slouching down in my seat, not very queen like but more comfortable. Bran seemed to copy my movements and sighed in relief as he closed his eyes.


A small tapping noise woke me and I shot up in my seat forgetting where I was for a moment. When I saw the four walls of the small carriage I remembered that we were on our way to Riverrun. I looked around for the small tapping not knowing where it was coming from. Bran was asleep, leaning against the wall of the carriage, his cloak wrapped around his tightly. Lily was also asleep her head resting on the wall like Bran's, her stitch work placed on the chair next to her.

"Evie?" came a soft voice by the door and I frowned wondering why it was my name being called. I stood from my seat and opened the door to see Rickon there with Shaggydog by his side.

"Rickon what are you doing out there?" I asked looking around for Catelyn or Osha. Not being able to see them I started panicking thinking something had happened to them.

"Mother wouldn't wake and you said I could ride with you when we stopped. You promised!" he exclaimed close to tears. I climbed out of the carriage and lifted him up into the carriage, hoping it would stop his oncoming tears.

"No it's okay Rickon. Did you try to wake Osha?" I asked frowning when he shook his head and looked down at the wooden horse in his hands. "You should have woke Osha and told her where you were going. What if your mother wakes and finds you are not there?"

"She'll worry and think I've run off." He replied keeping his head down as he climbed into the seat next to Bran.

"Yes she will. Stay here while I go and tell her where you are." I muttered closing the door and walking a few feet towards the other carriage. I tapped on the door and was surprised to see Osha open the door. I thought Rickon a said she was asleep. "Rickon said you were sleeping. He left the carriage because of the promise I made him. Tell Catelyn that he is with me when she wakes please Osha." I said to the wildling woman as she nodded in agreement before closing the door.

Within minutes I was perched back on my seat in the carriage watching Rickon as he played with the horse. Twenty minutes later, without Robb turning up to the carriage we were once again moving into the growing dark scenery onto Riverrun.


I was once again woken from my sleep but this time it wasn't the light tapping on the door, but by distance screams and shouts. I snapped my eyes open to see that Lily had disappeared and that the carriage had come to a stop. Both Rickon and Bran were awake, Rickon rubbing his eyes having just woken like me and Bran sitting up straight and looking horrified.

"What's going on?" Bran asked as he noticed me awake now. I looked carefully at the boy and noticed that he was still very young even though he acted older. He was scared right now and I need to make that better.

"I don't know but I'll find out. Rickon stay here with Bran." I muttered climbing out of the carriage and peering around the side where the noise was coming from.

The sight that met my eyes made me sick. The Lannister men had intercepted us and had attacked taking us by surprise. Bodies were lying on the ground small fires were starting on the open field as men from both armies rushed to fight. I knew then that Robb would be fighting with his men trying to save as many as he could. As I saw a few Lannister men coming closer I rushed over to Catelyn's carriage only to find it empty. As I turned to go back to my carriage I saw three figures that looked like Catelyn, Osha and Hodor enter the forest nearby.

They were probably getting away from the battle and hiding in the forest. Taking their idea I rushed back to the carriage taking Bran and Rickon by surprise. Bran noted the look in my face and knew something was wrong.

"Rickon get up we have to leave. Bran lean your body forward and cling onto my neck, I'll have to carry you." I stated helping Rickon down form the carriage thankful he did as he was told without complaining.

"You can't carry me Evie, the baby." He pointed out frowning at my decision. I gave him a scolding look and tugged him closer to me.

"I'm not leaving you here Bran, hurry we're being attacked by the Lannister's." I explained hoping that would motivate him to hold onto me. It seemed to work as he did as I told and clung to my neck. I wrapped on arm under his legs to hold him up before taking Rickon's hand in my other. "Hold on tight Rickon and don't let go." The young boy nodded and I noticed the tears falling from his face.

"What about mother?" Bran asked into my neck looking over at the other carriage.

"I already checked she was making her way into the forest." I told him and started towards the forest thankful when Shaggydog and Summer turned up and followed close by.

We had just made it into the forest when the Lannister men got closer enough to us I could hear them calling out to each other.

"The carriages are empty, check the forest!" one of them called out uttering the words that made my heart clench. I wasn't going to make it at this speed, but I had to get these boys to safety. I sifted Bran on my hip so I could lift Rickon up and settle him onto Shaggydog's back. I looked down at Summer and it seemed he knew what I was asking as he dipped his head down. I rested Bran onto Summer's back and kneeled down between the two wolves.

"Hold on as tight as you can, don't let go and don't make a noise. Do you understand?" I asked both the boys noting how they were both crying now. "I'm going to be alright, but you two are my top priority right now. Shaggydog and Summer can move a lot faster than me. They will take you to safety and I'll follow behind okay." They both nodded and gripped on to the fur of their wolves, resting their bodies into their back so they could hold on better. "Run!" I demanded watching as the wolves ran as fast as they could into the dark forest.

"I see someone!" a yell came not far behind me and I took that as my cue to run after the wolves. I had made it around twist and turns for a few minutes keeping off a straight line hoping it would confuse them until I was pulled against a tree and dirty hand clamping over my mouth.

"I told you I would come after you if I got out of the cell." The cold, haunting voice of Jamie Lannister whispered into my ear freezing me on the spot.

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