Stark´s Frey Girl


Chapter 020




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Jamie Lannister. Possibly not what you were expecting.

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"Don't make a noise." he muttered turning us so I was pressed against the tree and he was covering my body. I could hear the rushing footsteps of the Lannister men and I cringed at the thought of them capturing me. As they got closer Jamie turned us around the tree so we wouldn't be seen.

Why was he helping me hide from his men anyway? Wouldn't it make sense for him to step out and face them upfront? Tell them he had the wife of Robb Stark. If he did they would either kill me on the spot or take me to Tywin Lannister.

From the place I was in I could make out three men running past us and further into the forest hopefully in the opposite direction of Bran and Rickon. When they passed and there was no sign that they were coming back Jamie pulled back letting me go. He had taken a few steps away from me and pulled a knife out from his boot.

"Why are you doing this?" I whispered feeling my eyes water. If this was going to be the way I died it wasn't what I had ever expected. I was naïve enough to think I would have the chance to have to have many children, be married for years to the man I loved and die with the family I loved knowing I loved them. That was how I always pictured it when I was a girl and I now had Robb to share it with, but it seemed my dream wasn't going to come true.

"You're going to help me escape." he stated playing with the tip of the knife in a threating way. He was trying to intimidate me into helping him.

"I won't do it. I won't let you escape after what you did to Bran." I whispered sinking down to the floor, wrapping my arms around my legs. Jamie chuckled at my reply before crouching in front of me.

"What he knew, most people know now anyway it doesn't change a thing. He was just at the wrong place, the wrong time." he told me stabbing the knife into the ground just before my feet. "I want away from this place and fast."

"Then go I'm not going to stop you. Walk into the forest keep east and don't turn back." I suggested leaning back against the tree to get a better look at him. He was dirty and he smelt and from what I could tell he had worn the same clothes for weeks. "You could have been long gone by now, why do you stay?" I asked him as I looked over his mud-covered face.

"I feel like I can't leave you alone." he mumbled barely audible for me to hear. I sounded like he didn't actually want to say it yet he did.

"Why?" I asked sounding intrigued with his answer. He was meant to be a selfish, cruel man yet he didn't want to leave me, wife of his enemy only in a forest.

"Your young, pregnant and are of importance to many people. You are of Frey blood, you are married into Stark blood and you carry the next heir of Winterfell, the next future King. I'll be signing my death wish if I leave you." he answered picking up the knife from the ground and standing up. "I'll lead you back to the road and then I'll leave you. Stay here so I can scout ahead."

"Why are doing this?" I asked confused with the way he acted. This was not the Jamie Lannister I had heard about, he was meant to be, un-caring, mean and cruel thinking only about himself or his family.

"I've already told you, I would be signing my death wish. Stay here." he muttered before walking off with the knife in his hand and using the trees to hide his figure as he scouted for the safest route back to the road.

When I could no longer see Jamie I stood up and leaned against the tree. I didn't know whether Jamie was lying about taking me back to the road or whether he was using me as leverage to make sure he could safely get away. By the time I decided that maybe he was just using me to escape and I was about to leave someone stepped into my sight.

I couldn't make out who it was and stayed still, but for some reason they seemed to notice me and stepped forward into the little clump of trees that hide me away. As the man stepped into the trees I knew he wasn't one of Robb's men for some reason I could tell from the way he was breathing.

"I heard everything he said to you. You know, Jamie Lannister has always been noble when it comes to woman; especially pregnant woman." he muttered pulling his sword out of its sheath. He played with his sword the same way Jamie had played with his knife. He looked me over before raising his eyebrows. "You're the wife of Robb Stark and you're carrying his child." As he spoke he lowered his knife placing the tip against my stomach where my baby was growing. "All I have to do is push this sword and his unborn child will no longer exist. I'll keep you alive long enough for him to see what he's done by marrying you and then he'll have to watch as your life slips away." He laughed seeming to think something was funny before he tuned his dark eyes on me again pushing the sword gently into my stomach as a warning. The tip pierced my skin, not doing any real damage apart from ripping through my clothes and slicing open the top layer of skin. "I'll be known as the man who took everything away from Robb Stark."

He looked serious as he spoke and as I caught a glimpse of his dark eyes I could see that he was actually going to push that sword into my stomach taking away the life of my un-born child. He was going to bring me close to death and make Robb watch as I left him to fight this war alone. I closed my eyes preparing for the sharp pierce of his sword. Instead of feeling anything I heard a choking sound and then a thump.

Opening my eyes I saw Jamie standing where the man was standing wiping his knife against his breeches before bending down and picking up the sword. Knowing what he had done I couldn't help but look down. The soldier was spread out on the floor, blood trailing from his neck, his eyes open and dead. I looked up at Jamie and he grimaced as he wiped his bloody hands on his breeches as well.

"You just killed one of your father's men." I exclaimed looking up at him as if he just told me he was crazy. He nodded stepping towards me, taking my shoulders in his hands as he looked over me. "Why?"

"I have no need to explain myself to you." he muttered taking my hand and placing his knife in it before closing it around the metal handle. "Keep this close, I'm only taking you around the corner, you can see the road from there. I'll watch you until you make it, but then you'll have to fend for yourself." He muttered grabbing hold of my arm and dragging me forward.

"You are a misunderstood character Jamie Lannister, you confuse me and I'll never know why you have done this for me." I spoke softly afraid that there would be more people out here to capture and kill me.

"Think of it as you owing me a debt someday in the future." he grumbled taking me through twist and turns, dragging me over roots and under branches until he stopped and turned to face me. "You never saw me, that man who saved you left as soon as he killed the solider, he didn't speak and you couldn't see his face, understand?" he wanted me to lie so he could keep the reputation of being a cold, heartless man.

"I understand Jamie and thank you." I muttered honestly to the man before walking toward the direction he pointed me in. I could have calling of names and the cries of woman, I could see fires being lit and over-turned carts, chest opened and clothes abandoned on the floor. As I stepped out of the forest I turned to see if Jamie was still there but I couldn't see the outline of his body and assumed that he had left.

I took slow steps out onto the road holding the knife in one hand and placing the other on my stomach feeling the wetness that indicated I was bleeding. Having felt the blood I looked down in horror and the blood covering my hand and felt the colour drain from my face. I never thought there would be this much blood from the small cut made.

As I looked around I noticed that the men running around were all Robb's men, not the Lannister men. The screams I could hear weren't from woman but from men, probably the ones that had been injured during battle. Noting the carriage that I had ridden in, I walked over and stepped into the empty seating area. On the floor was Rickon's wooden toy, I picked it up and clutched it to my chest hoping that the boys had gotten somewhere safe. Looking around the cold, empty carriage I squeezed me eyes closed to stop the oncoming tears and climbed out of the carriage.

Closing the door I walked around the carriage in search of someone to help. I only was looking for someone for a few minutes before I bumped into three young soldiers. Once the spotted my they all bowed deeply as well as blushing.

"Your grace." They all chanted dipping their heads in respect. Two of the boys placed their hands on their swords smiling wide as I watched them. The other boy, the one that looked the youngest tilted his head to the side as his eyes dropped to my hand holding my stomach, covered in blood.

"Are you okay your grace?" he asked his voice filled with concern as he asked. I wanted to smile at him, but I was scared that something was going to my baby.

"Do you know where Robb is?" I asked hoping that they did and they would be able to take me to him. The boys all nodded and pointed over in the distance were a group of men stood around arguing. "Thank you."

"Do you want me to walk you there your grace?" the youngest boy asked looking concerned. I nodded my head and started off in the direction they were pointing in, the three boys following.

"What is your name?" I asked trying to be polite considering they were being polite to me.

"Rodwell Stone, those are my two older brothers Euran and Hyle." He replied pointing to each one when he spoke their names.

"Did your father pledge to the Stark's before the war?" I asked knowing a few unknown families had done that when Robb announced he was going against the Lannister's.

"No we are pledged to the Frey's; your father actually." He replied sounding proud as he announced this. I looked down at the boy and frowned. If his family was pledged to my father then why was he here?

"What are you doing here then? Surely you should be at The Twins or on patrol somewhere?" I asked confused to why my father's men would be here travelling with Robb's men. Rodwell smiled up at me and it was then that I noticed how young he actually was.

"Your father made a deal to send more men to Robb two months after your marriage. We were meant to meet you at the camp, but you had already set out for Riverrun. It's lucky we decided to continue on as we reached here just as the Lannister's attacked." He explained resting his hand on his sword, something they all did.

"They didn't stand a chance with added numbers, took them down within minutes due to our unexpected appearance." Euran added slowing to a stop as we reached Robb and the other men; Lord Umber was the first to notice me.

"Your grace!" he exclaimed drawing attention onto me within seconds. Robb was by my side within a moment leaning down to kiss me not caring he was doing so in front of his men. As he pulled back he cupped his hand on each cheek looking down at me with relief.

"You're okay, thank the gods. I was looking for you, I thought you had been taken." He whispered resting his head against mine. He looked shaken up and in pain and had closed his eyes as he placed his face in my hair.

"I got Rickon and Bran away; I don't know where they are." I cried allowing the tears to fall now that I was safely in his arms. He brought his arms around me bringing me into a tight embrace.

"It's okay, they are probably safe. I was told mother left with Osha and Hodor she will be safe as well." Robb muttered rubbing his hands up and down my back. "I'm glad that you are the babe are okay as well." At his words I pulled back looking at him wide-eyed and horrified. I rested my bloody hand on my stomach looking down as I did so.

"Robb the baby, I don't know about the baby!" I cried out lifting my blood cover hand up for him to see. His eyes widened at the sight of the blood and his eyes shot down to my stomach. His hands were soon pressing down on it and they came up coated in blood as well.

"What happened?" he asked sounding both concerned and angry. His eyes were flashing with danger, a look I wasn't used to seeing.

"I sent Bran and Rickon off on their direwolves because we were being chased by Lannister's. I was hiding in a clump of trees, he came out of nowhere. He knew who I was Robb. He placed his sword on my stomach over the baby; he started saying something about killing the baby and then hurting me. He was doing it to get to you Robb, he wanted to hurt you." I cried wiping away my tears as I explained everything to him. He brought me against his chest stroking my hair in his way of comfort.

"I'm taking you to Maester Steel, he'll check to see if the baby is okay." Robb muttered gently to me, tucking me into the side of his arm as he led me off to the Maester.

If you are listening to me old gods I beg you to save my baby. I'll give you my life if you let him live.

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