Stark´s Frey Girl


Chapter 023




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The Godswood was beautiful with the sun shining down through the trees, creating mysterious shadows on the leave covered ground. This morning Rickon had asked to go for a walk and considering Robb was off talking about battle plans with his banner men and Catelyn was spending her time with her father until he passed.

Osha and Bran had joined us for our morning stroll; Bran strapped to Osha's back. Rickon had clung onto my hand as we made our way through the twist and turns of the woods. Rickon had been humming a song he had heard being played at the feast three weeks ago.

Three hours after arriving at the Godswood I was dozing off on the grass near the river, Rickon draped over me as he also slept while Bran and Osha talked about his dreams. According to Bran he had, had these weird dreams where this three-eyed raven leads him under the tomb of Winterfell where his father was waiting for him.

I was listening to him as I dozed but his voice was growing softer as I was taken into sleep.

"Bran where is Evie?" I heard Robb ask as he came into the Godswood. I opened my eyes and turned my head to the side watching as Robb stood in front of the broken tree that Bran was leaning against.

"She's over there with Rickon." Bran replied nodding his head in our direction as Robb followed his brother's nod. Robb's eyes connect with mine and he gave me a soft, sad smile; a smile I knew was going to bring bad news. I wrapped an arm around Rickon so he wouldn't fall as I sat up and drowned at my husband.

"What is it?" I asked attempting to lift Rickon so I could stand and walk over to him. Robb quickly rushed over and took him out of my arms before grabbing my hand and helping me up. "You're keeping something from me Robb." I pushed hoping he would give in and tell me. Robb sighed as he looked down at Rickon in his arms and then back down and me as he sighed.

"We're leaving for battle; the Lannister's are closing in on us from the north." He admitted walking over to the broken tree and looking down at Bran. He smiled softly at his brother before joining him on the floor and lifting out his arm for me. I joined them on the floor sitting in-between the two; folding my dress neatly to cover my legs.

"When do you leave?" Bran asked as he played with a few loose leaves as they fell from the Weirwood tree. Robb's hand found mine and he gave it a gently squeeze as he gave me a sorrow-filled look.

"We are due to leave tonight; taking them by surprise through the night would ensure our win." Robb explained looking down at Rickon as he slept peacefully without a thought of the war. I clenched my hand tightly around his at this new information; I didn't miss the pain that flickered across his face. He was planning on leaving me again, but this time he was leaving his child as well; what if he died and never comes back?

"Robb!" I cried out looking up into his blue eyes knowing he could see all my pain and worries in my own. I didn't want him to leave me; we had just gotten over our last fight and if he died. If he died I would still blame myself; I would find a way to blame myself for his death. Robb's eyes were searching mine and I knew he knew what was running through my head.

"I will come back to you; or try to. I wouldn't leave you a pregnant widow Evie; I love you too much." He declared taking his hand out of mine and running it over my cheek gently, before moving it down to the ever-growing bump. "He will know his father." I placed my hand over his shaking my head as a sharp pain shoot through it. I had got them a lot in the last week, the sharp pains or fainting spells.

"I believe you Robb; we should head back." I mumbled attempting to stand but the pain grew and I felt faint as I sunk back to the floor. Robb twisted to face me, but as he did so he moved Rickon he woke with a start. "I'm okay Robb; I just need something to eat." I stood this time with the help of Robb's extended arm.

Rickon climbed out of Robb's arms and stumbled over into my side as he leaned against me. I looked over at Robb as he was lifting Bran in his arms before turning to face us and giving us a sad smile.

"I'll look over her Robb, when you're gone." Bran stated looking up at his brother a sincere smile on his face. Robb nodded down at his brother before walking off back to the castle; Rickon and I following behind him.


Watching Robb march away with his men broke my heart; I couldn't help but think he wasn't coming back. I couldn't help but think I would never see him again. In my mind I kept picturing myself alone with a big round bump standing next to a tomb belonging to Robb.

Sitting in our chambers alone I couldn't hold back the tears; my husband was out fighting and I was alone without him. I was lying on my side, my hand resting over the space where he would normally sleep. My thoughts kept flashing to memories of the times we spent together.

"He doesn't normally warm up to people." A voice broke the silence making me jump as the huskiness of it brought me back to reality. I looked up and met the blue eyes of Robb Stark; somehow I had missed his presence in the corner of the tent. After realizing what he said I didn't know how to read into it. Was he saying the direwolf didn't snuggle up to someone or warm up to them in general?

"I'm sorry?" I muttered weakly noticing the sleep laced in my voice. How long had I been sleeping for and how long had he been watching me? I looked over to him taking in his appearance. He was tall, but I couldn't tell how tall when he was sat but I knew he would tower over my petite form. He had built up shoulders and his chest looked well-built from the tight shirt he had on. His body started to narrow as his torso reached his hips but there was still a good covering of muscle to protect him. His face was all cheekbone and sharp angles but there was a softness that called to his face. His auburn Tully hair framed his face in tight curls and his sharp sky blue eyes completed his look. From my point of view Robb Stark was a closed off big softy. There was more to Robb Stark than his hard looks. After looking over him I looked down at myself and noted the lack of clothing and attempted to get up to change into something more modest.

As I stepped into the tent the voices stopped and I felt everyone's eyes on me. I didn't pay much attention to the men as they stood around in their armour; I was bust trying to find the one man I wanted to see. I spotted him as he rose from his seat at the top of the table and started to make his way towards me, just like I was walking towards him.

"Robb." I whispered as I flung myself at him and felt his arms wrap around me as well. I buried my face in his chest glad that he didn't have on his heavy armour and just a leather vest for protection. His hands moved to play with my hair as I slowly started to sniffle trying to stop myself from crying.

"Leave, all of you." Robb muttered as he brought me further into the tent stroking my hair in a calming manner. "Why are you crying Evie?" I pulled away at the mention of the name my mother often used for me and looked up at him.

"Why did you call me that?" I asked wiping the tears away from my eyes so I could see him better. Robb lowered his eyes so he wasn't looking at me fully as I saw a slight blush grow on his cheeks before he met my eyes once again.

"Your name is a mouthful and my mother said I had to call you by name. I hope you don't mind." He rushed out as he brought a hand up and ran it through his hair.

"My mother used to call me Evie before she died. Everyone else called me Eb or Lady Frey." I stated taking hold of the hand that was running through his hair. "I like the name Robb." The hand that held his was brought up to his lips as he gently brushed the hair from falling into my face.

"You shouldn't have come out in your nightdress; my men haven't seen a woman in weeks." He hummed as he brought me closer to him. His hands run down my cheek and rest and the back of my neck and I watched as his eyes flicked down to my lips. "I want to know what you dreamt about, but I want to kiss you first."

"Kiss me then." I softly order bringing my face closer to his as he did the same to me until our lips were gently touching.

"I'm so sorry Robb; I never thought it would have been real. I thought it was just a dream." I cried pulling away to look at his face, which had traces of tears on his cheeks.

"You have nothing to apologize for; you didn't order my father to be killed." He stated cupping my face in his hands before dropping a gentle kiss upon my lips. I sighed before pulling away and resting my head against his.

"Did I miss anything else?" I asked closing my eyes and playing with the curls of his hair at the base of his neck.

"I was named King of the north last night." He slowly whispered as if he didn't want to release this information. King of the North, King of the North, Robb had been named King? I pulled away from him too fast and ended up pulling out of his arms and landed as a heap on the floor. "Evie?"

"King? King? Robb you've been King since last night and have been allowing me to call you Robb? I'm sorry your Grace." I rushed out scrambling into a kneeling position before bowing my head down to him.

"You don't have to bow to me Evie. You are my betrothed and you don't need to call my 'your Grace' just call me Robb." He announced and I heard him climb off the bed and soon felt him in front of me. "You're to be my wife Evie and I want you to call me Robb." He had once again cupped my face within his hands and looked as sincere as he spoke.

"You still want to marry me now that you're King? I mean you could have any woman within the North, you don't have to stick to me because of so stupid bridge." I blurted still kneeling in front of him, but he was also kneeling down with me.

"I'm sticking to my promise to your father Evie, I'm going to marry you and you will become my Queen." He assured me as he gently run his hand down my cheek.

"Okay then you must have what you want, but I understand if you change your mind." I stammered noting the shakiness within my voice.

"I want you to stay, no one else just you." Robb replied placing a kiss upon my forehead.

"I am to be your wife, now and always. My heart is yours, in victory or defeat, from this day until my last day.

I will care for you, bear your sons, and bring an heir to your line. I will be your Queen your Grace, if you will have me." I pledged looking into his sea eyes waiting for his reply although he already said he wanted me.

"You didn't need to pledge yourself to me; I already wanted you before I was named king." He declared gently bringing his lips to mine. I closed my eyes and leaned into the kiss with a small sigh.

"You did?" I whispered as I pulled with a reluctant murmur, I liked being within his arms and I really enjoyed it when he kissed me.

"You're grown on me Evie Frey." He claimed as he brought his arms around me and pulled me up and on the bed where he cradled me in his arms and wrapped us in the fur blankets.

"I shouldn't stay here tonight Robb." I sighed closing my eyes as my head rested against his chest and listened to his heart beating.

"Just tonight Evie, just tonight." He mumbled bringing me closer to him under the furs.

"Robb!" I shouted and did a very unladylike thing and ran towards him as his horse got closer. His head snapped towards me as I called out his name and when his eyes landed on me he dismounted his horse just in time to catch me as I flung myself at him.

"Evie, oh Evie, I've missed you." He sighed as he clung to me like a fish breathed water. I gave him a quick peck on the lips not wanting it to be too inappropriate for an unmarried couple before looking him in the eye.

"I've missed you too; it's been so boring here without you. I've been wondering around the camp with a hopeless expression plastered in my face." I mumbled hugging him tightly as he lowered me back to my feet. "Well that's what your mother has been saying." Robb laughed gently as he released me from his hug to hug his mother who had now joined us, with Theon.

"Marry me tonight." His voice broke the calming quite that had been growing around the tent as day broke into evening. The sun was setting, but there was still a light to the growing night. My eyes snapped open and landed on Robb who was standing in front of the tub staring at me.

"Robb!" I shouted attempting to cover myself with my hands. I could feel my cheeks burning as his eyes did a sweep over my naked body before looking up at me face.

"Marry me tonight." He repeated looking sincere as spoke. I looked over his face and then looked into his blue eyes. He really did want to marry me tonight; it was clear in his eyes.

"Tonight's a bit short notice is it not? Your mother won't be happy to miss the wedding Robb." I muttered reaching out to grab the thin clothe that covered my whole body, but helped dry me before I changed into a slip. Robb reached the cloth before me but help it up so it covered his face, but still allowed me to wrap myself in it.

"My mother will make it to the wedding I'll ask her to come. Lord Umber and a few of my closer banner men to witness the ceremony, I'm asking you to marry me tonight Evie." Robb pressed wrapping his arms around my waist as I wrapped the cloth around me.

"What about the priest Robb? I want to get married in a Godswood in front of a Weirwood tree. That's important to me and that's what I want." I stated resting my head against his chest in defeat. Deep down inside me I knew I was going to give in to him.

"There is a godswood here a few minutes into the forest, the Weirwood tree cries like the one in Winterfell of at The Twins." Robb replied rubbing a hand up and down my back kissing my hair lightly before pulling away. "We have a priest here. He's here to bless those that die, I'm sure he wouldn't mind holding a wedding. Just please marry me Evie." I started at him with my green eyes, looking into his sea blue ones. He really did want this and I knew that I wanted it as well, but did I want it this way?

"Fine, I'll marry you tonight," I started but was interrupted when Robb picked me up and brought me into a tight hug. "I didn't finish. I'll have to write to my father and tell him that our marriage has been complete. He'll probably be happy to be the good-father of the King of the North and it will stop him from complaining." I pushed on Robb's shoulders and he understood that I wanted to be put down. "Go and get your mother and tell her. Please send her here to help me pick out a dress for tonight please." I gave him a small smile but pushed him toward the entrance of the tent without another word.

"In the sight of the old gods, I hereby see you, these two souls, binding them as one for eternity. Look upon one another and say the words." The priest announced seeming pleased to be able to have gotten through most of his words. I doubt he had married a King before.

"Father. Smith. Warrior. Mother. Maiden. Crone. Stranger. I am hers and she is mine from this day, till the end of my days." Robb recited just as I recited my words.

"Father. Smith. Warrior. Mother. Maiden. Crone. Stranger. I am his and he is mine from this day, till the end of my days." We finished our words at the same time both giving off big smiles as we did so.

"You are now wed and I bestow upon the witnesses husband and his wife." The priest finished unbinding the ribbon and letting it fall to the floor where it would be left.

After the words left the priest's mouth Robb quickly brought his mouth down to mine and we shared our first kiss as a married couple.

As the last memory flew through my mind I heard the slight creaking of the large heavy wood door open and turned to see who was there. The small outline informed me that it was Rickon and I sat up in the bed looking over the boy.

"Rickon what's wrong?" I asked him pulling the furs off from my body as I stood to welcome to hug from him. As I felt my nightdress dampen I knew he was crying, so I pulled him back by the shoulders and peered down his tear struck face. "Why are you crying?"

"It was Robb, I had a nightmare; I thought he died." He cried out clutching to the fabric of my dress as he clung to me. I bent down and brought my arms around him; one running through his curls the other running over his back.

"Hey, Rickon it was just a bad dream; nothing has happened to Robb. I would know; I would feel it." I told the boy lifting him up and settling him onto the bed on Robb's side. I wrapped a fur around him as I lay down next to her wrapping him against my chest. "Who about you stay here with me in my chambers until Robb comes back?" I asked him in hope that it would calm him down. I received a small nodded as he buried his head in my chest and cried himself to sleep. I held Rickon in my arms, keeping him close until I drifted off into a sleep as well.


Eight days. I couldn't help but count the days Robb was away from me and this was the longest he hadn't been by my side. Even when we had fought he was still by my side at night when we slept; I knew that he was safe. I was hoping that he would return today; I don't think I could go another day without Robb by my side.

Rickon had spent those eight days sleeping in Robb's place; he had the same nightmare every night and I comforted him with soothing words and a warm embrace.

When Rickon entered the chambers the moon was shining brightly in the night sky, surrounded by the many stars set within the night sky. His eyes were red raw and his cheeks were tinged pink from the flush and fear of his nightmare. His nightshirt drowned his body as he climbed onto the bed and pulled the furs over his shoulders. Shaggydog had entered with Rickon, but was now resting in front of the lit fire instead of joining him on the bed.

I looked back at the moon hoping Robb was looking up at it as well and was thinking of me before turning back to Rickon and joining him in the bed. Once I was settled down, surrounded by the warms furs Rickon rolled over and cuddled up to me, his head resting against my chest; just above the growing bump.

"Robb is okay Rickon; he told us he was coming back. He wouldn't make that promise if he knew he couldn't keep it." I whispered as I wrapped my arms around him in a comforting way. "He loves us Rickon and he will be back. And if he doesn't come back we have each other." My last words came out broken as I tried to keep the tears back.

"I love you Evie; just like Robb." He mumbled sleep taking over him as his voice died of and his breathing slowed down.

"And I love you too Rickon." I sighed closing my eyes and allowing sleep to consume me like it had done to the boy in my arms.


The warm hand resting on my bump woke me. My eyes fluttered open a few time and I looked down at little Rickon as he turned in his sleep and rolled further onto Robb's side of the bed. I closed my eyes ready to find my sleep again, but was woken as the soft rubbing of a hand ran over my bump. I turned my head and came eye to eye with Robb.

"Robb?" I whispered hoping I wasn't dreaming and this was real. As his lips hovered over mine before capturing them in a soft kiss I knew that this wasn't a dream; he was really here.

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