Stark´s Frey Girl


Chapter 025




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When we entered the castle Robb rushed to my side resting his hands on my face as he looked over me. I frowned as I watched his movements and wondered what he was actually doing.

"Robb what's wrong?" I asked placing my hands over his, he looked worried and it was clear he was in distress.

"Nothing I thought something was wrong with you when Greywind came running in." he muttered leaning down to place his lips over mine. I pulled away as a squeal of disgust shot through the hall. Robb's head turned to the squeal and his eyes widened. "Arya!" he exclaimed leaving me standing in the hall as embraced his youngest sister into a long need hug. "Sansa never wrote about you in her letter; we thought you were dead." Robb told her running his hand through her short hair.

"I had to pretend to be a boy; I was taken away from King's Landing before the Lannister's could get hold of me." she told him as her eyes darted to me again full of wonder. Robb's head turned as the boy known as Hot Pie sneezed interrupting their reunion.

"Who are you?" he asked the two boys rising on his feet making his way over to me, wrapping his arm around my waist as he stood next to me.

"Gendry Waters your grace." The older of the two said dipping his head in respect as he spoke to Robb. Robb stared at him his eyebrows furrowed in confusion, but he nodded none-the-less before turning to the other boy.

"Hot Pie, your grace." The heavier boy told him also dipping his head in respect as he did so. Just as Robb went to reply Rickon came running out of a hallway a wooden horse in his hand.

"Evie, Evie look, Robb got me a new horse." He exclaimed running over and pressing his head and hand against my bump; he'd been doing it ever since he saw the bump. I shook out of Robb's arm and knelt next to the boy.

"Rickon it's beautiful." I told him kissing his forehead before leaning in to whisper in his ear. "Rickon, Arya is here; look behind you." Rickon's head turned as soon as he heard my words and looked over at his sister.

"Arya, you're here!" he shouted running to give his sister a hug knocking her down as he did so. Robb chuckled at Rickon's actions as he helped me back up in my feet. He turned his head back to the two boys and peered at them curiously.

"Hot Pie is it?" Robb asked peering at the heavy-set boy as he flicked his eyes to his mother and back; Hot Pie nodded in reply. "What do you do? What can you provided for this army?"

"I can work in the kitchens your grace; I was brought up learning to make all sorts of food your grace. I would very much like to work in your kitchens." Hot Pie told him sounding hopeful and honest as he spoke. I felt sorry for the boy, he had probably been through a lot and now he was begging to work here.

"I'm sure we can find you a place to work in the kitchens Hot Pie." I added noting the way his face lit up with the thought of doing what he loves.

"Who are you?" Arya's sharp voice interrupted what Hot Pie was about to say. She was pulled back by Catelyn who was also sending her a glare.

"I'm Eibhleann; but you can call me Evie." I muttered feeling slightly nervous as I introduced myself; it was like meeting Bran and Rickon over again.

"Why are you here? Why do you greet us?" she declared eyes flashing down to my waist where Robb's hand rested. It looked like she was calculating everything in her head and her blue eyes; much like Robb's shot back to mine. "What is your last name?" she asked with a sharp snap, already knowing her own answer.

"Stark, my last name is Stark." I declared feeling Robb squeeze my side gently at my response to his sister. Arya's eyes flashed from me to Robb and she glared at him.

"You married? Why would you do that?" she snapped looking outraged at the thought. Robb ran his free hand over his face at his sister's reaction. He knew he would get this once Arya found out so why was he worrying.

"I was his betrothed Arya. He made a deal with my father and he had to keep it. Don't blame him for something he didn't want; go blame my father." I told her cringing at the snap in my voice. She looked at me for a few minutes before a small smile appeared on her face.

"I do love her Arya; we grew to love each other. You wouldn't understand but she is my life; I wouldn't be me without her now." Robb stated giving his sister a pointed look before looking at his mother and smiling. "She is your queen Arya you can't speak to her like that." I snorted at his words and looked down when I felt every one's eyes on me. I looked up at met Catelyn's blue eyes which she rolled knowing what I was going to say.

"I'm not really a queen Robb; queens are brought up as princesses. I was brought up by maids owned by a father that didn't care. I was brought up like a Lady but I never acted like one; you should know this already." I told him rolling my eyes at his false expectations of me.

"I know that already Evie, but Arya didn't. Now she's going to find it acceptable to continue acting the way she does. Now she knows you broke the rules as well." He muttered giving me a soft glare.

"She's a Stark, Robb she would have still acted that way whether she thought I was respectful or not." I stated looking over at the girl we were discussing and saw that she was smiling widely. Robb sighed as he once again brought his face in his hand.

"What do you do Gendry?" he asked the older boy changing the conversation quickly as we were all staring at him.

"I'm a blacksmith your grace." He replied lifting his head as he spoke this time. As I saw his face clearly this time I frowned as I noticed a few resemblances to the late king Robert. I looked up at Robb and noted that he had the same look upon his face.

"Are you any good?" Robb asked as his hand came round my waist and rested on my bump. The thing was he didn't even know he was doing it.

"I've been doing it for six years so I have gained the proper training." Gendry replied his eyes looking down at the floor.

"He's better than he makes out; he's the best I know." Arya added her eyes on Gendry a look of loving in them.

"I want you to work with the blacksmith here; he will take you under his wing." Robb told him looking between Arya and Gendry before look down at me. I nodded my head to urge him to say his next words. "If we win this war you will come up north and be Winterfell's blacksmith." He added watching as Gendry's face turned to one of disbelief.

"Thank you your grace." He muttered looking over at Arya and giving her a soft smile. Robb looked between Gendry and Hot Pie and then over at his mother, brother and sister.

"The kitchens are down the hall that way; find a maid called Mara. Tell her I sent you two down there and then tell her where you will be going in the morning." Robb told the boys pointing over at the hallway that led to the kitchens. Both boys dipped their heads before shuffling away down the hallway.

Arya stepped forward and crossed her arms as her eyes locked onto the bump exposed from my stomach.

"Is there something else you want to tell me Robb?" she asked giving him a pointed looked as she gestured to my stomach. Robb sighed rubbing the back of his neck as he looked at me.

"She's not my sister; she asked you to tell her." I muttered looking away so I wouldn't give in to his begging look.

"Fine, women." He mumbled under his breath before turning to face his youngest sister. "You're going to be an aunt Arya; Evie's expecting a babe." He told his sister waiting for her to start shouting and calling him stupid. Arya stepped over to us until she was directly in front of me and smiled at me gently.

"If you have a daughter I will corrupt her." she said simple before walking back over to her mother and Rickon. Robb stood there mouth open before he let out a grumble of words I did not understand.

"She is your sister Robb. A Stark through and through." I muttered linking my arm his as he walked down the hall leaving his mother and siblings.


Bran was found in the library later that evening after a small feast was held in celebration of Arya joining the family again. Bran and Arya had told many stories when they spoke at the feast but after when Bran had asked to go to the library, Arya had been ushered into Catelyn's chambers where her mother could speak with her.

"Bran, I need your help." I called out to the boy as I turned the corner and looked down at him as he sat at our usual window seat. His blue eyes were staring up at me, interest and curiosity leaking through them.

"What is wrong Evie?" he asked holding a hand on his page as he turned the book to a close. I lowered myself into the space next to him before pulling a list of names out. I placed the list between us so we both could stare down at it.

"What ones do you like?" I asked him as we both peered down at the list of names.


Tristan Stark,

Clayton Stark,

Gendry Stark,

Theodore Stark,

Brandon Stark,


Talytha Stark,

Falia Stark,

Alerie Stark,

Piper Stark,

Lyanna Stark,

"I told you not to put my name down." He muttered looking up at me giving me a pointed look; the same look he gave me when I suggested his name.

"I didn't get the name from you; it was Bran the Builder. I like it and it's staying on the list." I declared sticking my tongue out at him in an un-ladylike way.

"You're very much like Arya; you don't follow rules." He muttered opening his book again, reading where he stopped earlier. "If I may I'd suggest Torrhen; both my father and Robb respected him."

"Torrhen Stark; I like that name." I mumbled to myself as I climbed off the window seat, placed a kiss on Bran's head and left him there in search for Robb.

I found Robb in the room used for the battle plans. He was with Theon, Lord Umber and his other banner men; they all turned to face me as I entered. Robb didn't rush to my side like he had done when I came searching for him; I knew then that something was wrong. Theon looked smug as he was stood behind Robb's chair, whereas Lord Umber gave me soft smile as he ordered the men up and out of the room.

"What's going on?" I asked clutching the list in my hand. Robb didn't meet my eyes, just keep staring at the large map on the table; ignoring my question. "Robb, what is going on?" I asked again, but received the same response until Theon stepped forward.

"We're leaving for battle in the morning." He told me looking smug for some reason. My eyes flew from Theon to Robb who was still staring at his table.

"Leave Theon!" I snapped not bothering to look at him as he strode out of the room leaving me alone with my husband. "You weren't going to tell me were you?" I whispered ignoring the stinging in my eyes as tears formed. Robb managed to look up at me this time and I couldn't help but feel betrayed as his eyes met mine.

"I was but it's going to be hard Evie." He muttered back pulling the crown of his head and setting it on the table before picking up a letter and handing it over. I took the letter from his hand and read over it; losing my breath as I did so.

In the name of the King in the North, Robb Stark,

Catelyn Stark has been arrested for assisting the escape of prisoner Jamie Lannister. In punishment of her crimes until proven innocent she will be held prisoner within her chambers at Riverrun. Her children will be under the care of their handmaidens until further notice.

Signed – King in the North, Robb Stark

Robb Stark

"You're arresting your mother? How do you know she even helped Jamie escape?" I asked him surprised and astonished by this news. I t wasn't only the fact that Robb was arresting his mother but he was also taking her children away from her. And to think I was just coming to him to discuss baby names.

"She told me after she found out that he attacked you. She sent him with Brienne to King's Landing to rescue my sister's; well Sansa." he told me stacking up a pile of papers as he stood from his chair and turned his back to me.

"That was a near month ago Robb; why arrest her know?" I asked stepping closer into the room and looking down at the map. It looked like they were heading towards Harenhal; where Arya had been held.

"Theon suggested doing something about it – my men won't respect me." Robb replied staring down at the fire as it flickered and turned the logs to ash.

"Theon told you! Whenever do you listen to Theon, Robb?" I exclaimed walking over to him and grabbing his shoulder so I could look him in the face as I spoke to him. Robb lowered his eyes so I couldn't look into them as we spoke.

"He said I need to set an example as King in the North." Robb muttered shuffling on his feet as he spoke. He was nervous, of what I don't know but he was nervous.

"Robb you are the king! Not Theon, you!" I told him pressing my hand against his chest as I spoke. "You have already proven to your men that you are a king. If I am not mistaken wasn't it them that declared you king in the first place? If they did not think you a king then why name you one?" I reminded him slowly bring my hands up to his face and lifting it so his eyes linked with mine. "If you arrest your mother and take her children away I will leave you and go back to The Twins."

"You can't do that Evie; your my wife." He stated raw emotion shooting through his eyes. The papers he had in his hands floated down to the floor as he released them in anger.

"Then as my husband you shall listen and take my advice." I muttered closing my eyes as I continued on. "Theon Greyjoy is a fool; don't listen to him. If you arrest your mother you will be ripping the Stark's apart. We will be made weaker. Isn't that what your enemies want?" I asked him my eyes still closed as I spoke. If he was going to listen to me he would have to think about everything.

"Theon's my closest friend Evie." Robb declared taking my hands in his as I opened my eyes. The raw emotion in his eyes was a mix between anger and confusion. "He would want to rip this family apart."

"Would your closest friend try to rape your wife twice? He knew the second time that we were married; he wouldn't do that if he was your friend! He's trying to rip this family apart. Trying to make you arrest your mother; that would turn your siblings against you Robb!" I exclaimed swaying on the spot as the stress of the situation caught up with me. Robb's hands lowered from my own and grabbed my arms.

"Evie?" he asked sounding panicked. I brought my hands up to cup my head as the dizziness played with my vision. Robb pulled out the closest chair and pushed me down into it softly. "What's wrong?"

"My head, I'm just getting dizzy; Maester Steel said it was to be expected don't worry." I muttered resting my head against the chair as I spoke. "What I'm trying to say is I think Theon is planning something."

"What do you mean?" Robb asked as he knelt on the floor in front of me his hands covering mine.

"He went to Pyke to ask his father for more me and ends up in Winterfell. Winterfell then catches fire and Torrhen is killed by Iron Islander's. Isn't it a bit weird for him to then try to rape my in our tent when he knows were married? He's all talk Robb and he hasn't mentioned anything about how his father's men turned against him." I muttered staring down into Robb's blue eyes. I took in a deep breath before daring to utter my next words. "I think he's playing you Robb. He's trying to split you from your family to make you weak. This trip to Harenhall; it will kill you." Robb's eyes narrowed as he took in all my information before jumping to his feet and taking out his sword.

"He's working for his father." He told me as he made this new revelation. "When we were younger all he could talk about was when he was old enough or when my father died he would go back to his father. He would make his father king on the Iron Islands again." Robb muttered pacing around the room before turning for the door. "We'll see how his father feels when I send him Theon's head."

"No! Robb you can't kill him!" I shouted jumping up from my chair, ignoring the dizziness as I ran to him.

"You want him alive? He tried to rape you; tried to separate this family. And you want him to live?" Robb asked sounding disgusted with my words.

"You have to make him think you still have no idea; play him at his own game." I muttered cupping his face in my hands as I leaned up to kiss him. "It's a game of thrones Robb; help him lose."

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