Stark´s Frey Girl


Chapter 027




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Our laughter spread around the courtyard of Riverrun drawing the attention of a few squires Robb had left behind. Arya had told me a story of when she had thrown food at Sansa when Prince Joffrey was watching her.

"How did she react?" I asked resting a hand on my bump; a bump that had grown within a week. Robb would say something about it when he returned; there wasn't a doubt.

"She cried and moaned like a whining little girl; mother sent me to bed. Well she told Robb to take me." Arya stated smiling at the memory of a few months ago. Times that weren't bad; good memories before everything turned around.

"I suppose she was distraught." I remarked turning to face her as the wind blew my loose hair around my face. I noticed that Arya wasn't looking up at me but at my bump. "Arya?"

"How far gone are you?" she asked reaching out her hand but dropping it before she touched my stomach. She looked curious and I wondered what was passing through her mind.

"Nearing five months; why do you ask?" I replied sitting down on a stone bench opposite the blacksmiths where we had stopped when she asked the question. Arya sat down next to me her eyes still on my bump.

"What does it feel like?" she muttered bringing her hand up at gently pressing it to the bulge. Her face turned to one of fascination as she felt the hard yet soft form of the bump.

"I can't explain it Arya; it's strange. It's a welcoming feeling; something worth going through." I told her watching as her face changed from a frown to a smile and back again.

"Do you ever feel anything?" she asked peering up at me before looking down at the bump.

"Your mother said I won't expect to feel anything until half way through my fifth month." I explained repeating information I had been given in advanced; I had the same questions.

"I wonder what it feels like." She uttered moving her hand around the bump pressing in slightly as she did so; her eyes flashed up to me as she carried on. "To feel the babe move I mean."

"I don't know I'll tell you when I feel it; sometimes I feel little flutters inside. Maester Steel said that's the babe moving around inside." I informed her as she looked down at my stomach with captivation. As I looked up from Arya my eyes settled on Gendry; he was watching Arya's actions with a soft smile. A thought came to my mind then and I decided to act out on my thought. "Walk with me in the Godswood?" I suggested to Arya in hope that she would accept.

"Of course." She welcomed the suggestion with exaggerated excitement jumping up from the bench, waiting for me to do the same. As I got to my feet Lily and Osha were on their way back into the castle carrying a handful of firewood.

"Lily, if you see Catelyn tell her we will be in the Godswood." I announced as the two of them walked past. They stopped in their tracks frowning as they glanced over at me.

"I'm sorry your grace but we have been placed under orders stating you are not allowed to venture out of Riverrun alone." Lily claimed shuffling the furs in her arms as she looked aimlessly down at the ground. Osha's grey eyes connected with mine for a little longer before she to lowered them as if in shame.

"Robb gave you those orders didn't he." I asked them allowing a stern tone to flow through my voice as I spoke to the maids. Arya was smiling as the words flew from my mouth and I also noticed Gendry put down the sword he was working on and watch.

"Your grace, the King gave direct orders and I'm afraid if he found out the punishment will be severe." Lily uttered directing her eyes up to mine a small amount of fear flowing through them. She was afraid of what Robb would do to her if she let me wander into the Godswood.

"Robb would not punish you Lily he would blame himself for not being here to yell at me for disobeying his rules. I won't be going through the Godswood alone Lily, Arya will be with me; as well as Gendry." I told her giving Gendry a look as he stood there wide-eyed and mouth open.

"I'm sorry your grace?" he blurted stepping out of the smithy's and over to the two maids as he looked up at me. I smiled kindly at the young man before looking over to the two maids; both where staring at the blacksmith in bewilderment.

"Robb wishes for me not to be alone; who better to company me than a smithy? He's trained to work with swords and he is logical enough to keep me from harm's way." I stated directing the attention away from Gendry and back on to myself. "It looked like you were in the middle of something when I interrupted; please continue." Lily and Osha shared a looked before dipping the heads in a bow and excusing themselves.

"Your grace." They muttered before walking off towards the castle. I turned to Gendry giving him the same soft smile and gesturing to his sword hanging from the side of his belt.

"You do know how to use that?" I inquired hoping I hadn't just given false information to my handmaiden. Gendry's eyes lowered down onto the sword before glancing back up at me and flicking over to Arya. I could see her nodding from the corner of my eyes and tried to ignore her as she did so.

"I do your grace." He assured me not able to meet my eyes as he spoke. He was a unique character; not knowing how to act around nobles.

"Come walk with us then Gendry; you will be our guard." I asserted nodding toward the Godswood before taking Arya's arm and leading her there; Gendry following.


We had missed lunch and it was nearing dinner when we returned back to the castle after our stroll in the Godswood. Once we reached the Weirwood tree I made myself comfortable by the river's edge and drifted off into a sleep allowing Arya and Gendry time to speak.

Before I woke Arya had run off in a bad mood and Gendry insisted on walking me to my chambers; he was quiet on the journey there. As we came to a stop outside the large oak door, my hand resting on the handle; I turned to face the boy.

"You don't act like the normal smithy Gendry; you seem confused." I put forth watching as his eyes widened slightly and he attempted to keep his eyes directed to the floor. "You're doing it now, you don't know how to act; where were you brought up?"

"My mother brought me up your grace; she died when I was young. I was then brought up in the smithy's; a free apprenticeship." He told me shifting his blue eyes up to meet mine. It was his eyes that brought me back to a thought I had when I first met him.

"Did you ever know who your father was?" I asked turning to face him fully; removing my hand from the door. Gendry's eyes lost their shine and turned to a look of remorse.

"I'm a bastard your grace; my father didn't want me." he declared tilting his down to the floor in shame as he spoke those words. I reached my hand out and lifted his face so he would look me in the eye as I told him my opinion.

"The word bastard does not bother me Gendry; nor does a bastard. Most of my siblings are bastards; they can't help that." I announced removing my hand, feeling pleased when he kept his head up. "Success is a bastard as it has many fathers, failure is an orphan, with no takers; you have made a success of your life Gendry. What are you ten and seven, maybe eight? You are an amazing blacksmith and you are working for the King of the north. Don't take what you have for granted Gendry; one day you may lose it all." I expressed to him before opening the door and entering my chambers. It was something he need to hear; something that would change his views.

He had broken the heart of Arya without either of them knowing it. During my 'sleep' I had overheard part of their conversation about where they thought they would be in five years' time. Arya stated she would be the only woman of ten and seven that wouldn't be married and following the rules of a Lady. Gendry said it could be possible that they would both be married and with children; her married to a Lord, him married to a maid. Arya had said some horrid things to him; but it was because he broke her heart.

"No one would marry you; you're a bastard. You have no money Gendry; no home. What girl would want you if you have nothing?"

I knew the words sunk into his mind because he had worn a face of mixed anger and submission. He was going to believe her words because she was a noble; he wasn't going to think otherwise.


The room was dark; only the low fire keeping a glow to the chamber. Heavy rain was pelting on the large window notifying me of the weather. Rickon was curled up against my side; his head resting on my chest. I was half asleep, half awake, thinking about Robb. I had predicted that he would be gone for eight days but we were now entering the tenth day. For some reason I couldn't help but think something was wrong; something had gone wrong.

The calling from outside the room and the sudden slamming of the door hitting the wall brought me out of my doze. Lord Umber was standing in the doorway breathing heavily; his face dripping from rain. I pulled Rickon into a sitting position as I sat, hushing him as he woke.

"Lord Umber, what's happened?" I mumbled, sleep clouding my voice. His eyes were running around the room in a frantic way as if looking for something. He rushed forward to the bed pulling back the furs on Robb's side. He finally looked up at me his eyes shining with raw sorrow; like an apology.

"Robb has been injured; they are bringing him up now." He claimed dropping his gaze down to the now wide awake Rickon. "It best he was not here." He told me before taking the boy from my arms and leaving the room with him. All that was going through my mind was Robb had been injured; he may possibly be dying. I was alone with my thoughts for a few more seconds before three people rushed into the room; Robb was one of them. He was still standing and awake; he was just being supported in the chamber.

"What happened?" I asked crawling over to him as he was rested on the bed. The two men carrying him dipped their heads before rushing out of the room leaving me alone with my husband. Robb's eyes connected with mine and he gave me a soft smile; a smile I had been dying to see. "Don't smile at me Robb; answer me!" I demanded slapping his arm as he continued to smile.

"It's only a scratch, nothing that will kill me." he stated bringing his hand up to cup my cheek as his blue eyes merged with my green ones. "I've missed you." I rolled my eyes as I glared down at him.

"Where were you injured Robb?" I asked stressing out my words as I grabbed his face within my hands. Robb sighed before closing his eyes and resting his hand above his heart.

"An arrow; right here." He grumbled keeping his eyes closed as I ran my fingers over to his cotton shirt; thankful for the person that removed his armour. My hand slipped over his cold, toned chest before feeling a rise in skin; I couldn't help the hitch in my breathing. My eyes followed my hands down to his chest my eyes blurring at the raw skin stitched together.

"You could have died." I whispered not able to stop as my fingers continued to run across the raw, rise in his skin. Robb sighed again his rough hands cupping my face and pulling it up so eyes connected with his.

"I didn't die; I'm right here." He told me pressing the words out slowly so I would understand. He brought my face down to him so he could kiss me gently before pulling away to look me in the eye again. "I promised you I would return and I have. I wouldn't be able to leave you and my boy alone."

"That's far from the point Robb!" I exclaimed ignoring the flutter I felt inside my abdominal as I spoke. Robb's hands slid down from my face and rested on the bump that had grown since he had last seen me.

"You're bigger; you've gotten bigger in ten days." He claimed looking down in admiration at his growing child. I was astonished by his actions, he had nearly died and all he cared about was my growing bump.

"Robb!" I cried out placing my hands on his face lifting it up like he did a minute ago. "I was nearly made a widow; just think about that. I would have been left alone in this world without a husband; I would have to bring this babe up without you. I wouldn't be able to do that; it would kill me." I put forth letting the tear fall; hoping they would make him think. Robb's eyes widened at my words and his eyes shot down to my protruding belly.

"Shout at me again Evie." He begged sending a pleading glance up from his laid back position. This time I really wanted to rip his head off; who does he think he is? I was telling him how it would kill me if he died and he just asks for me to shout at him again.

"You are unbelievable Robb Stark if you ever-" I hissed only to be interrupted as he grabbed onto my hand and lowered it into my bump; a soft nudge tapping against my palm. The words were lost from my mind as I looked at Robb with a large smile on my face,

"That's our babe Evie; can you feel him?"

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