Stark´s Frey Girl


Chapter 030




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Green and browns were surrounding me, branches hanging low from dark, thick trees, creaking as the wind blew as if reaching out to grab me; smelling of damp rotting wood. My feet shuffled through the dying fallen leaves colourful with mixed reds and yellow as summer turned into winter; the odd patch of earth covered in silver frost. Birds flew from branches down to the glistening red berry bushes; bugs chirping in a musical tune. The river could be heard running in the distance; the water competing with the singing bugs.

Shifting patterns of light crept through the blowing branches casting shadows; it was making me regret coming out here alone. The large tree trunks thick with light green moss spread wide around the forest creating twist and turns; I was going south, I knew that much from the growing moss. The wind was whistling as it blew around the trunks disturbing the leaves lifting them up it the air, swirling them around in circular patterns. Flower buds burst from the ground, begging to be opened by the stretching sun; small dark green patches of grass surround the flowers. The flowers smelt different, earthier than blossom; wildflowers.

The rustling as the soft grey rabbits crawled across the floor; staying close to the ground, hiding from predators. Wild mushrooms sprouted at the base of the trees protected by the dark, mysterious shade. Spider webs grew in curious places, between two trees, in the middle of the small meadow; they surprised and scared me.

Branches creaked and snapped in the distance; the air went silent only the sound of running water was heard. Squawking birds screamed as the darted out of the trees flying off into the north. The pounding of heavy footsteps; no paws, came invading the quite, still noise.

The air was rich with the taste of the earth, bitter and sour; not what I wanted to taste when I sucked in the sweet scent of burst berries as the birds popped them with their sharp, black beaks. As I walked further into the shaded, darker area of the woods I was overcome by the salt water of the flowing river not far from where I stood.

A grey blur rushed in front of my eyes before coming to a speeding stop in front of me; Greywind released a frightening, angry growl. His hair was raised as he crouched down baring his sharp, glistening white teeth at me; he looked terrifying. This was the first time in my life that I had ever been petrified of Greywind; I had no idea what had gotten into him. A sharp snapping of a branch behind me had me spinning and coming face-to-face with an unknown face. Greywind wasn't baring his teeth at me; no he was doing it to this stranger.

I had been foolish sneaking out of the castle without Robb or Gendry by my side; I asked Arya but she declined my offer. Thankfully Greywind had found me and he would protect me from this strange man. The man had blonde hair like the Lannister's and blue eyes; not as beautiful as Robb but more of a grey. The man stared down at me before his eyes dropped to my protruding abdominal and then focusing back onto my eyes.

"You're Stark's bitch?" he grumbled out plucking a small, sharp, silver dagger from his boot bringing it up into a point at me. Greywind growl was just as sharp as the man's dagger; it would send shivers up his spine, clawing the way into his soul. I rested my head on Greywind's head; I wanted to know what this man had to say.

"Yes I am, who are you?!" I demanded not letting the fear enter my voice; I have been in this position before, near four months ago. It was clear that this man was a solider of the Lannister's possibly a Lannister himself; did Tywin send him?"

"My name is not relevant; I'm just a messenger." He started stepping closer, pressing me against a large tree trunk as he brought the dagger against my neck; Greywind snarled letting out a threatening growl. The man's eyes glared down at the wolf looking at him in disgust. "Send the wolf away or I'll kill you!"

"Greywind go!" I called down to the direwolf hoping he would understand the begging in my voice and would do this to help me. It seemed that he was intelligent enough to understand I was in danger and ran off in the direction of the castle.

"Listen and listen good I'm only going to say this once." He growled reminding me of the direwolf that had just left. His eyes were fierce and his face showed the disgust he held for me; he had the power to kill right now. "Tywin Lannister is bored of fighting; he wants this war ended. Either Stark bows down to King Joffrey or he dies. You tell your husband he has five days to decide or the Lannister's will come marching; you will be the first to die. How does your husband care for his child?" he man dragged his dagger down and rested against my bump in a threatening gesture. He was threatening my babe; it had been done before and the man was killed. "We would make him watch as a sword is plunged into your stomach, cutting out his child; do you think it would break him?" he asked leaning in closer to me, pulling my head up at his words. His eyes flashed down to my lips and he bent to press his lips against them; bile rose in my mouth at the disgust, vile move.

My hands came up pushing the man away and slapping to get him to stay away. His eyes flashed with a crazy rage and he grabbed one of my arms, taking his dagger and ripping open my dresses sleeve.

"Robb won't give into that bastard of a child! Joffrey is not the real king; he's a bastard of incest!" I hissed spitting at the man in a very un-lady like manner. I would not let this man bully me into making Robb give up his position as king; Robb deserved his spot. I knew Robb would give up everything for me, but this was one thing I would never let him give up. The man's other arm came up and pushed against my neck, forcing my head to slam against the hard tree. The world blurred as a sharp shock of pain went through my skull; there was also a hard pressure on my neck forcing the air out of my lungs.

He grabbed my right arm bringing it up into my view and stared at me as he brought the sharp tip of the dagger onto my skin, pressing down hard. Bright red blood spilled as he dragged the dagger down the length of my arm; his eyes never leaving mine as he did so. This was a cold-hearted man; he didn't hold feelings it was proved through his actions. As the blood ran down my arm and onto my light blue dress my eyes blurred again as I felt the dizziness take over; a small nudge in my belly made an appearance. The man's arm loosened on my neck allowing the cool air to run into my lungs; washing down my throat.

"Take this as a warning that the Lannister's are serious." He spat before releasing me and stalking off towards the south. I dropped to the ground, using the tree as support as I clutched my cut and bloodied arm to my chest. My breathing became harder as I ripped the already ruined sleeve and tugged as hard as I could, tearing it from the dress. I struggled to wrap the sleeve around the wound, hoping the pressure would keep the bleeding at bay.

As my eyes looked down at my attempt at stopping the bleeding and a shaky gasp was released as my mind went blank and I dropped to the floor as my vision was surrounded by black.


When I woke I was in a strange forest; a Godswood. Everything was bright, the sun reflecting off the brilliant white snow covering the ground. I had never been to this Godswood before, only the one at The Twins, the one at Raventree Hall and the one here at Riverrun. I looked around and stopped when my eyes rested on a large pond; it was beautiful reflecting the blood-red leaves of the Weirwood tree.

"Evie," a soft voice called out causing me to turn and face the Weirwood tree. Standing there was my mother looking alive and healthy; she was beautiful. I frowned as I stared at her, it was impossible for her to be here she's dead.

"You're not real; I know your dead." I announced resting my arms down on my abdominal as it rounded out. She smiled softly at me raising her hand as if expecting me to take hold of it.

"We're all dead." A deep voiced informed from behind me. I turned at found myself looking at three different men; Eddard Stark, Robert Baratheon and Hoster Tully. This wasn't real; they couldn't all be here.

"I don't understand." I muttered turning round to look at my mother. She stepped forward her red curls swaying as she did so. I was my mother's daughter; there was no doubt about it. Her hands cupped my face as she connected my green eyes with her own. Her eyes were soft, understanding, caring she was the same mother that left my when I was eight.

"You were hurt real bad Evie; you nearly died." She whispered tears streaming down her face as she brought me in close to her chest. It felt right to be hugging my mother even if she was dead.

"You did die for a moment." Ned Stark's voice was strong and reminded me of Robb. I turned to face my good-father and peered at him curiously; I didn't understand what he was talking about. "You lost a lot of blood; but they were able to bring you back." He added upon seeing my face. Hoster stepped forward seeming younger than the last time I saw him.

If this was where the dead went when they died maybe they were also given the choice to appear how they wanted; Hoster was younger, healthier. He sent me a huge smile lifting his arms as he looked down at me.

"Don't worry my great-grandson is fine as well." He stated nodding down at the bump shown clearly through the tight-fitting material of my light blue dress; the same dress I had worn when I was attacked. There were no signs of blood or tears; the dress looked brand new.

"When will I go back?" I asked looking around at the four people stood with me in this Godswood.

"You don't get to decided; the old gods do." A deeper voice then Ned Stark's announced turning my attention to Robert Baratheon; the late king of Westeros. He was still the same as the last time I saw him when he crossed at The Twins as he returned south.

"Where are we?" I asked peering around at the Godswood; feeling like I was at home here. It was bewitching here and I would make it my mission to find this place before I actually joined these people here.

"Winterfell, in the Wolfswood." Ned told me a hint of acceptance in his voice as he spoke. This was his Godswood; it was bound to mean something that I turned up here and not the one at The Twins.

"It's bewitching here; one day I will walk through these woods with Robb and feel at home." I muttered noting the broad smiles in all their faces. I looked over at my mother as she rested her hand on my bump and peered down at the announcement of a growing babe.

"You will love this child like nothing else; have more than one Evie. Don't do what I did. Don't leave him to suffer alone." She expressed looking me directly in the eye as she spoke. She meant her words, she really did regret just having me; she really did want me to have more than one child.

As I looked up at her face I noticed that she seemed to be fading. I turned to face the three others and watched as they faded as well. Ned Stark stepped forward resting his hand above my heart before whispering the famous Stark words to me

"Winter is coming."


My eyes sprung open and I shot up from my spot on the bed; the room was barley light by the dying fire. A sharp pain shot through my stomach and my hand flew down to my stomach; a kick landed under my hand. The babe was getting very active lately but Maester Steel explained that during the sixth month the babe would be able to kick, punch and turn within side me now; he was mainly active when I am trying to sleep. I t don't mention it to Robb because he would constantly be touching me but I had a feeling that he would be finding out sooner or later.

My eyes shot to the door as it opened, creaking as it did so. Robb's back was turned to me; he was leaning against the door his head placed on the wood. This wasn't normal for him to do; was something wrong?

"Robb?" I called out startling him as he turned abruptly as his eyes widened as the settled on me. He was soon leaning over me his lips connected to mine in a passionate kiss, his hands resting on my bump.

"Your awake; you've had everyone worried." He whispered pulling away and resting his head against mine. My eyes widened at his words; he hasn't received the message.

"How long have I been out for?" I asked urgently pushing him away so I could look into his eyes. Robb looked down at me with a frown; he was probably wondering why I pushed him away.

"Two days; you've only been out for two days." He announced allowing me to relax and slump down into the furs as Robb climbed over me and rested on his side of the bed.

"Tywin Lannister has sent you a message." I revealed looking up at the ceiling as I spoke but I could see Robb turned to face me at my words. "You have three more days to surrender to King Joffrey or the Lannister's will march to Riverrun and kill you and your men." I turned to face him as I uttered my next words; I want him to know I was serious. "They would start by holding my and cutting open my stomach and giving you your son; and then they will kill us both in front of you. They want to break you Robb" I whispered allowing the tears to fall as he cupped my face, pulling me closer to him as he kissed away the tears.

"I won't let him hurt you Evie; not you; not the babe." Robb declared running his hands over my back and rubbing it in a soothing way. I sniffled into his chest and turned my head so he could hear me.

"We're not surrendering Robb; you will fight in three days. You will kill Tywin Lannister and then you will kill Joffrey. You will take over the throne and then give it to Stannis; he's the rightful owner. Not us; not anyone else." I expressed feeling him nod in agreement to my words; we had discussed it before. If Robb won the throne he would hand it other to Stannis; it belonged to him, not us.

"We will fight; I will fight for you." He informed me kissing my hair softly as he wrapped me in his arms holding me tight.

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