Stark´s Frey Girl


Chapter 033




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My sleep was interrupted by the babe's intense kicking; he always woke when I was trying to sleep. I slipped out of the furs and looked down at Robb; his naked chest rising with his breathing. He was exhausted, three days spent fighting and he comes home and makes love to me; he was going to need his sleep. I didn't want to wake him so I threw on his cloak over my slip and pulled on my boots before opening the door and slipped out into the hallway.

The torches in the hallway flickered as I walked past creating an eerie feel; I wasn't used to walking the halls at night. Robb would prefer if I stayed in our chambers unless he was with me; or Gendry. My feet led me to the outside courtyard while my head was focused on the future; Tywin Lannister was dead, who would take over his army? Would this be an easy win to defeat Joffrey now? What would happen?

A squawk from above alerting me to the black raven as it perched on the wall beside me; a sealed letter was tied to its leg. I reached forward and the raven's leg lifted holding out the letter to me; the seal was that of the Lannister's. My heart speed at this sigil and my mind ran to Tywin Lannister; who would be using his sigil? Cersie? Jamie? Tyrion? Joffrey? I wouldn't know until Robb opened the letter it was written to him.

The King of the North

Scrolled across the front of the letter; it was directly to him. I clutched the letter within my hand and ran – walked – towards our chamber ready to wake him with possible news of our future. I swung the wooden door open, it smashed against the stone wall with a loud clang; Robb jumped into a sitting position. His eyes were wide and his hands reached out for me; when he couldn't find me his eyes shot to the door.

"Evie what are you doing?" he asked rubbing his eyes as he sifted in the bed so he was turned towards me. His eyes run over me taking in the cloak and boots I had on before looking back up to my face. "Where have you been?" his voiced had changed now; into a serious tone.

"I went for a walk; your son kept me up." I muttered stepping forward, closing the door as I raised the letter toward him. Robb climbed out of the bed, slipping on his breeches then pulled me and the letter toward him; his arms wrapped around me.

"What's this?" he asked looking at the cover reading the same words that I had. The King of the North. Robb turned his head to me, kissed me lightly on the forehead before directing me over to our bed; he pushed me down onto the bed softly. Once I was on the bed he then left me to go to his desk; a lit candle waiting to provide light. I watched as he turned the letter over and his eyes rested on the Lannister sigil branded into the wax. His shoulders tensed and he hesitated to open the letter; he was scared of what it would reveal. Who it would be from; what it would mean.

The wait was long and then his fingers slipped under the wax seal and pried the letter open. He took his time to read the letter and when he placed it down a smile was attached to his face as he turned to face me. I was curious as to what he was smiling about; the war was still going on. He had recently killed Cersie Lannister's father and now he received a letter with the wax seal of the Lannister sigil.

"Why are you smiling Robb?" I asked him getting up off the bed and shuffling over to him; it was getting harder to walk normally. I came at a stop by his chair, trying to read the letter over his shoulder; Robb covered the writing with his hand. He pulled me toward him instead turning me away from the letter and pushed me so I was perched on the edge of the desk. His lips touched on the thin fabric of my slip pressing against the growing bump; his smile was still on his face.

"I can't wait for him to be born, how long is left? Three months; I can't wait for those months to end." He muttered pressing his lips to the bump and bringing his hands up to rest on bulge; a small kick was sent to his palm.

"Stop changing the conversation Robb; tell me what was in the letter." I pressed pulling his head back by tugging on his hair. His blue eyes looked up into my green ones and his smile widened; he was overly happy.

"Tyrion Lannister just thanked me for killing his father." Robb stated an intrigued expression cast upon his handsome features. What did he say? Tyrion Lannister thanked him for killing his father; was he mistaken? I guess Robb could tell from my face that I was confused and grabbed my face in his hands. "He's thanking me for killing his father; do you think something's wrong?" he asked peering into my eyes actually wanting a reply.

"It is possible that it is a trick; but Tywin Lannister was a hard cold man. Maybe Tyrion really did hate his father and he really is thanking you. Write back to him Robb; ask him what he really means." I told him leaning down and kissing his head before lifting his arms from my bump and getting up off the desk. "I'm going to sleep now; come join me."

Robb stood, taking me hand in his and lead me to the bed; he pulled the furs over me before settling into the bed beside me. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me tight against his chest; resting his hands against the babe.

"I love you Evie." He mumbled into my ear as he pressed a kiss into my neck. I rested my hands against his, rubbing my fingers against the smooth skin of his hands; I loved it when he held me close like this.


Tyrion Lannister was here; at Riverrun. He had come unexpectedly and without warning; him and a small party of men. He also brought along Sansa Stark; the only Stark child missing.

"Sansa." Robb whispered bringing her into his arms as she stepped down from the carriage as Tyrion waved his hand and ushered her to appear. She looked drained, her blue eyes losing their colour and her red hair dull and dry, her skin pale and sickly; she looked too thin.

"Robb." She muttered back wrapping her older brother in a tight hug allowing tears to slip down her cheeks. Robb brought her into one of his tight hugs, one he would hold her until he knew she was actually there. He ran one of his hands through her hair keeping the connection there as he held his sister; it was a wonderful thing to see.

"Nothings ever going to happen to you again." Robb declared pulling back as he looked down into Sansa's eyes promising her what she needed to hear.

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