Stark´s Frey Girl


Chapter 036




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Two weeks had passed since Lord Tyrion's arrival and he had spent those two weeks in the company of Robb and Lord Umber; planning against King Joffrey. Theon had not been included in these meetings and it was winding him up. Now was a perfect example of that; Robb, Tyrion and Lord Umber were all in the study planning ahead and Theon was strolling around the great hall muttering.

It was amusing to watch as he walked back and forth across the hall oblivious to those around him; he had a panicked expression across his face. Catelyn was also watching her old ward as kicked a nearby chair before huffing and dropping down at the table; resting his face in his hands. Sansa paid him no attention as she was busy stitching away and some fabric while Arya was in deep discussion with Gendry.

Sansa lifted up the fabric she was holding and faced it towards me; there was a grey direwolf stitched onto the light blue fabric. It was a wonderful replica of the Stark sigil and I was proud to be named a Stark; I would always be proud.

"It's beautiful Sansa." I whispered reaching out and taking the soft blue fabric in my hands; it was long enough to be used as a blanket.

"It's a blanket for the babe; Robb said it was a boy so I used blue fabric." She explained running her fingers on the edge of the fabric before reaching down and picking up a light pink fabric with the same sigil stitched onto the fabric. "I made one for a girl as well if the babe turns out to be a princess." I took the other blanket from her hands and held them next to each other; the contrast from blue to pink. Which one would be used for my babe I had no idea and I didn't care.

"They will be put to good use Sansa; if he babe is a boy I will keep the pink of for when we have a girl." I told her resting the two blankets on my lap as I took Sansa's hand in my own and kissed her knuckles in a sign of gratitude. She was slowly coming out of her shell; embroidery seemed to be the trick at the moment.

She had also been working on a new dress for herself; one that she had shown a few days ago. She had asked for a plan under-layer and was now making he own over-layer for the dress; it was dark blue with a mixture lighter blues. From what I had seen so far it was going to be a beautiful dress; unique but beautiful.

"Your words are thoughtful and very considerate." Sansa mumbled folding her hands on the table as she scrutinized over at Theon as he slammed his fist in the table; he was drawing a lot of attention to himself.

"You don't need to speak to me like I am your queen Sansa; I will always be your sister first." I told the girl rolling my eyes at her words. I could see that she was going to reply but I interrupted her before she could speak when I saw Robb waving me over from the door. "Excuse me please Sansa." I pushed myself up off the chair and hobbled over to my waiting husband receiving a kiss as he greeted me.

"Walk with me." he mumbled resting my hand upon his arm as he directed me towards are chambers; once we entered he led me over to the chair and ushered me down into the seat. "We have come to a decision about Theon." He announced taking my thoughts back to the snivelling so-called 'close friend' of my husband.

"And what have you decided?" I wondered peering up at him through my lashes; I could tell from his face that he wished not to tell me. Robb had learnt by now that he was better off telling me everything before I found out from someone else and bit his head off from keeping it from me. "Do not doubt your decisions Robb; if you feel he deserves it give it to him." Robb's blue eyes looked up connecting with my green one; the look behind the blue orbs was very serious.

"I have written to Jon at the Wall and I have received his reply." He told me pulling a letter from the pile on the desks and resting it down in front of me allowing my eyes to scan the words written.


Or shall I call you King in the North?

I have received your letter and upon reading it I feel like I should be telling you 'I told you so'. Throughout my years of living at Winterfell I always felt that Theon Greyjoy was nothing but a self-centred, cruel selfish man and it seems my gut feeling was proven right.

I agree with your decision of sending him to the wall to take the black; I would love to watch him suffer through never experiencing something he loves so much.

He will be known as one of the worse men to have taken the black; not because you are my brother and because I will make him suffer. No because every single man here sees you as their King and once they leave that this Theon Greyjoy has been working against you and our family they will automatically dislike him and treat him differently. It may also have something to do with me leading them and teaching them throughout the months here at the Wall.

Theon will not know what hit him when he is forced to take the black and swear himself from sex.

I received a letter from Lady Stark; your mother. She has informed me that Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon are all okay and are safely at Riverrun with you and your men. It pleases me to know that you are all safe as this war is nearly over in the South. I don't want to be a bearer on bad news but something is rising in the North past the Wall and I wish you will have your wits when you return to Winterfell.

Your wife; Eibhleann is her name correct? She is topic among many of the men here; most of them stated that they have laid eyes upon her as they passed through The Twins on their arrival. Is she a true beauty? I hear she has hair a red as the flames that light the fires; is it not Stark tradition to fall for a red-head?

I have also heard the news upon the awaiting arrival of your child; a boy is what you wish. I have a feeling you will be granted with your Prince; yet Sam declared he thinks the Queen will have a Princess. I have mentioned Sam before; he's one of the closet friends I have ever had excluding you. He's training to be a healer now; learning to be a Maester.

When you return to Winterfell inform me as it will be nice to see you and the children again; I will be given time to travel down if you request my attendance. I wish that you do not forget me Robb as we are brothers maybe not fully by blood, but we share the same father. We both have are places in this world now; you a King and me a Crow.

I shall be expecting Theon within three weeks if you plan on sending him after the arrival of my letter. I hear Lord Tyrion is at Riverrun and will be travelling up to the Wall with Theon; he enjoyed his time here last time; yet decided not to take the black as he would miss his women too much.

I do hope everything is well with you Robb and I will be expecting a raven if your decision about Theon has been set in stone.

Jon Snow

As my eyes read the last words on the letter I peered up at Robb my mouth slightly open after reading the news.

"You plan on sending him to the Wall?" I asked slightly happy with the news; yet shocked that this decision was being made. I never pictured Robb as the type of King to think of punishments and actually mean them when they were presented; I was proud of him.

"Of course I plan on sending him to the Wall; he deserves it. First he attempts to rape my wife twice; the second time she was pregnant-"

"We didn't know that then!" I interrupted giving him a look that suggested he was possible letting his emotions show too much; he wouldn't be able to that when handing out the punishments.

"He still attempted it Evie! Then he's secretly planning against me for months making me believe he was still on my side. He then shots me with an arrow claiming it was an accident when I nearly die; I can't stand him any more Evie. I want him gone and out of our lives; before the babes born." He added on the end giving my bump a look that stated the babe was near to being born. I rubbed over my large bump smiling at the thought of holding my babe in my arms.

"I have another six weeks Robb; I'm sure Theon will be long gone by them." I whispered reaching out my hand so he could lift me from the chair. "I respect your decision Robb and I wish for you to go through with it; that bastard deserves to be tortured by celibacy." Robb chuckled at my words as he led me over to the bed; he knew I wanted a nap.

"Sleep well my queen, catch-all the rest you require before searching for me." he mumbled against my lips as he tucked my under the furs running his hand along my bump before pulling away and leaving me along in our chambers.


The Godswood was beautiful. I was walking through the trees leading towards the small pond where the Weirwood tree was growing. As I walked my hands came to a rest on my large protruding belly; I was nearing the end of my pregnancy. It would be proved within the next couple of days whether the babe would be a boy like Robb said.

A small giggle brought me out of my thoughts as I looked over by the Weirwood tree. A little boy who looked much like Rickon was hiding behind the tree. As I stepped closer I could tell he was only a boy of three; possibly a little younger. His giggles grew as I crept round the corner where he jumped out at me making my heart flutter.

"Eddard what have I told you about scaring your mother?" Robb's voice broke through the Godswood dragging my attention to him instead of the little boy. Robb was carrying another babe, another boy; this boy looked to be one and half.

"Sorry Papa." The little boy mumbled lisping as he spoke. He was shuffling his feet in the fallen leaves as he peeked up through his lashes his eyes a mixture of blue and green. This boy was calling Robb his father; was this our son?

"Apologize to her Eddard." The little boy looked up at me and gave me a cheeky smile; exactly like Robb's. His eyes weren't just a mix between blue and green they were a mix between my green and Robb's blue; this was our son. 'Eddard' the boy just stared at me before looking back at Robb. "Eddard!" it was a warning this time and it made me roll my eyes.

"Robb let him be; he's just playing." I muttered dragging my fingers through Eddard's black curls. Eddard had the Stark blood in him; the sharp facial features and the dark hair. He had both mine and Robb's curls and his eyes were a unique mix. Eddard gave a giggle before running of into the Godswood again. "Not near the pond Eddard!" I called after him hoping he would listen.

"If you have this babe early we know who to blame." He warned rubbing his hand over my round stomach. I placed my hand over his before turning to the boy in his arms and attempting to take him. "Leave him Evie, he's getting heavy and you're about to have that babe."

"I still have two weeks Robb; you're just too overprotective." I told him taking the boy out of his arms and pressing my lips into his Tully auburn hair. Robb was hovering by my side ready to pull the babe out of my arms.

"Evie just let me hold Torrhen you can cuddle him when we get home." Robb begged placing his arms under Torrhen's arms, already pulling him out of my grasp. I gave him a fierce glare but allowed him to take my hand as we continued to stroll through the Godswood.

"Are you ready for your daughter?" I asked him as I watched over Eddard as he tried to catch the falling leaves. Robb snorted as he drew us to a stop and placed Torrhen on a patch of grass. Torrhen had just learnt to walk, but Robb was too protective when it came to them walking by themselves in the Godswood. Torrhen climbed to his feet in a stager and clung to Robb's leg giggle like his older brother; Eddard having heard his younger brother came stumbling over and clung to Robb's other leg.

"You mean another son?" he asked running his hands through both his sons curling hair. I rolled my eyes as I rubbed my aching belly feeling the small kicks sent from the babe.

"Robb you already have Eddard and Torrhen what is wrong with having a Falia or Talytha?" I asked leaning into his side as I watched my two boys playing together. This is what we lived for now; our family, our boys.

"Nothing is wrong with having a Falia or Talytha I wouldn't mind if we got them in another three years." He mumbled turning and kissing my head before bending and picking up both boys. The boys laughed out as Robb pretended to eat them and I couldn't help the smile that grew on my face. Robb was a great father and I couldn't have asked for a better husband either.

"If the babe is a girl I'm sure Arya wouldn't mind watching her." I added softly as Robb turned to face me his smile disappearing from his face.

"My father once quoted about daughters. He said 'war was easier than daughters'. I have a feeling your daughter will be worse than war; don't go mixing that with Arya." He told me shifted the boys in his arms, gripping onto Torrhen as he lowered Eddard down onto the floor.

"The gods will bless you with sons then Robb is that what you're hoping?" I asked hoping his answer would be no because I wanted at least two daughters before it was my time to leave and be with the gods.

"No of course not." He stressed bringing his arm around my waist as he brought me into his chest. "You know I want daughters Evie; but this babe, this babe is a boy. This babe is Tristan." His voice was so determined and I couldn't help but let out a shaky laugh. Through my last to pregnancies Robb had said the babes would be boys and he was right there and now he was saying this babe was a boy. "The next one Evie; the next one will be Falia or Talytha."

"Eddard, we're going home now." I told the young boy holding out my hand for him to grab before looking up at Robb. "So there will be another after this one?" I asked leading my little boy out of the Godswood; Robb following behind as he carried Torrhen.

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