Stark´s Frey Girl


Chapter 037




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The hall was quite, yet at the same time I could hear everything. Robb had gathered everyone into the largest hall and I mean everyone. Our family were all seated behind the long table in our usual seats; Robb in the middle me on his right, his mother on his left. Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon were all sat on my right in age order, where Edmure was sat next to his sister's side and Tyrion next to Edmure.

Bannerman, soldiers and village people were in the centre of the hall huddled together forgetting that some of them disliked others; maids and squires stood along the walls of the room watching n from the side lines. I could feel Gendry standing behind my chair between me and Sansa. Greywind was sat in-between Robb and I and I could tell he was ready if anyone was going to attack his master.

Robb stood from his seat looking over the crowd as they grew quiet as their king stood; it seemed impossible but everything stopped. The breathing stopped, movement stopped, the birds singing outside the open windows stopped; very eye was on Robb.

"Most of you are wondering why I have gathered you all here." He started his eyes flashing down to me as I gave him a slight nod. He had shared his views with me last night after I woke from my nap; he didn't want anyone to think of him as a failed king. He gave me a tight small smile before flicking his eyes back to the gather. "Today the Stark family will be presenting you to a special person; no it's not my son." He added when many heads turned to me expecting to see a babe curled within my arms. "I would like Theon Greyjoy to step forward and present himself to the people of Riverrun and those sworn to the Stark family."

I watched as Theon walked forward a smirk planted upon his face; it was twisted and pleased. I could look. If only he really knew what was going to happen. Theon stood at the front of the hall his back facing the large table as he faced the people of Riverrun; I knew he had a large grin on his face.

"This man has stood by my side since I was a boy; he's given me many things to learn and advice throughout the years. I think of him as a brother." Robb's words were fake and only a select few would actually hear the hated within them. I could see a small smile on Catelyn's face and Tyrion wasn't keeping his from being shown. "He's been by my side throughout this battle and I know he will be till the end. He saved the lives of my two brothers and brought them to me after his father's men attacked Winterfell in vain." Robb's hands clenched by his sides and I reached up taking his right hand within my own; his hand unravelled and softly held mine. "It gives me pleasure to introduce you all to Theon Greyjoy …" Theon dipped into a slight bow and a few men and women clapped at Robb's words, stopping when he raised his hand to get the attention back on him. "A man that has betrayed his king and will be punished." Robb's words brought out man reactions from the crowd; many of them actually pulled out their swords while other whispered sharing harsh, vile words about Theon.

Theon's reaction was a pleasant thing to watch; it brought a pleasing smile to my face. He had turned at Robb's words, eyes wide and fearful; he knew he had been found out. I could see every emotion filter through his eyes until he settled in confusion; he was going to pretend he had no idea what was being said.

"My Lord, I'm confused." He expressed looking up as he spoke to his king. Robb's eyes were burning and I knew if he wasn't holding onto my hand he would be curling his hands around his sword.

"It's your grace." Robb hissed as he looked down upon the man he once considered a close and loyal friend. Theon swallowed quickly as his eyes swept across the long table sopping on me before looking back up at Robb.

"I'm sorry your grace." He whispered looking down as Robb's sent him a glare; I only knew this as I was finding it hard to do anything but stare at my husband; he was ridiculously handsome when taking the role of king serious.

"Do not tell me that you have already forgotten the betrayal you bring upon yourself Theon? Has it already escaped your mind that you tried to force yourself upon my wife before we wed? Did it escape you that you sent those iron Islanders to Winterfell and ordered them to burn down my castle and planned on killing my brothers? Did it escape your mind when you once again tried to force yourself upon my wife when you knew we were married? Do you forget that time when your arrow pierced into my skin above my heart during battle? Do all these actions escape your mind Theon?" Robb demanded pulling his hand from mine as he rested his arms on the table before him as he stared down at the man he once believed would follow him till the end.

"I'm not entirely sure what you're talking about your grace." Theon muttered but as he spoke his eyes rested on me for a long moment before looking back at his king.

"Do you deny trying to force yourself onto Evie?" Robb asked his old friends as he glared down at the fickle man. This was a man that only cared about himself so he had no need to think otherwise; he was only saving himself now.

"I don't deny that your grace." He whispered as an uproar begun from the crowd.




The people shouted different things at Theon and although he was not a bastard the word seemed to fit him. I have known bastards to have more grace than Theon could muster up for a few minutes; and example would be Gendry. I saw Sansa turn her head to face me and it was an almost sympathetic look and one of understanding that fluttered across her face as she reached out and clutched onto my hand; it was a sister thing to do and it made me feel welcome.

"And do you deny trying to kill me?" Robb inquired standing up from his lent position against the table and sneered down at Theon. It was clear now that Robb was basked in dislike for his once close friend; it was clear for everyone to see.

"I told you I wasn't aiming for you your grace. I was aiming for the Lannister." He muttered looking down as if this would make Robb believe he was telling the truth. I don't think Theon realized he was all figured out and his act wasn't going to fool anyone.

"You fired that arrow a full minute after he was dead; you were aiming for me Theon!" Robb seethed slamming his hand down upon the table making my empty cup fall and roll of the table clattering as it rolled onto a stop beside Theon's foot.

"I wasn't your grace; I was aiming for the Lannister. We were in the middle of a battle my calculation of the arrow must have been mistaken." Theon declared not really shouting as he spoke but looking very sincere as he replied. It was almost as if he was begging; begging for his life as if he was going to be killed. I secretly wished that would be the way Robb thought but he was much too stubborn to make someone die rather than torture them in a less maniac way by sending them to the Wall.

"You are mistaken Theon the battle had ended and you were waiting for the Lannister to die before shooting me." Robb's eyes rested on someone else in the crowd; Lord Umber as he made his way to stand behind Theon. "Tell me Theon how long have you been planning on killing off the Stark family?" Robb asked walking behind the chairs as he made is way in front of the table as he stood over Theon.

It was clear now in Theon's eyes that he had lost; lost whatever sick, horrid plan he had formed in his head. His breathing had started to get shaky as Robb stepped closer to him – it was possibly the hand resting on Robb's sword that did it – I could make out the water trails of his ears as they slowly slipped from his eyes. I always knew Theon was weak and when his life was threatened he would cry and beg for forgiveness.

"I don't know what you are talking about your grace." He mumbled sucking in his breath as Robb pulled out his sword and placed it against Theon's throat. It was a dramatic flair from Robb but he was bound to lose his temper when he was facing the man that was attempting to kill his family.

"Don't lie to me Theon; I'm not the only one that has caught onto your act. Lord Umber here has watched you over the last couple of months; tell me where have you been sneaking off to in the middle of the night?" Theon's mouth opened and closed as he searched for words that would not help him; his future was already planned and nothing would change that. "Theon Greyjoy as you have betrayed your King you are being sentenced to life at the Wall!" Robb shouted as he pulled his sword away and slid it back into its sheath.

"Robb; your grace, please." He cried as he sunk to his knees as Robb's words penetrated through the large hall stopping all the whispers as they watched a once highly thought of man sink to the floor and beg for his life.

"Let this be a lesson to all of those that dare to challenge or cross the Stark family; your punishment will be severe." Robb called to the hall of people before looking down at the close friend he once had. "Take him to the dungeon." Lord Umber stepped forward with two other guards men and dragged Theon to his feet; dragging him out of the hall. His calls and begs could be heard as they marched him down and away from the hall.

"If you play the Game of Thrones you either win or die." I whispered looking up and connecting my eyes with Robb's as he stood in front of me staring down into my green eyes with his sky blue ones.

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