Stark´s Frey Girl


Chapter 044




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Winterfell was beautiful; well from a distance it was. The castle could be seen in the distance; surrounded by a fascinating green forest. It seemed that the trees in the North weren't dying like the ones in the South. Greywind was running wild and I watched as he took off in the direction of Winterfell; he was running home. I turned from the window and smiled at Robb; he was watching me intently.

"Winterfell is beautiful Robb." I muttered turning back to face Winterfell as it grew larger as we neared it. "You must be so happy returning home." I muttered lifting a hand and resting it against the window; Winterfell was within my reach. Rob shuffled over and wrapped his arms around me so they were resting against my large bump.

"Winterfell is your home as well Evie; don't ever forget that." he whispered kissing the side of my face as he pulled me back so I was leaning against his chest. "And it will be our little prince's home as well." He added running his hands over the large, firm bump that held our babe.

"Only two weeks and three days left Robb; I can't wait." I sighed resting my hands over his as I went to look back out of the window. "Will there be many people at Winterfell?" I asked peering at the castle as it was only minutes away now.

"I had a thousand men stay behind to protect the castle; there will also be villagers there. Tyrion arrived yesterday; he sent ahead a raven." He answered running his hands up my sides and gently grazing my breasts; he chuckled lightly as I shivered from his gently touch. "So yes there will be many people at Winterfell." I looked away from the castle and tilted my head up to peer at him from an odd angle; he still looked beautiful.

"Do you think they would like me?" I whispered my voice coming out all husky from the awkward position. Robb bent his head down and pressed his lips to my forehead as he brought his arms tightly around me and slowly twisted me around so I was facing him.

"They will love you Evie; you will be the Queen they would want." He looked down into my eyes with sincerity; he wasn't going to lie to me. He brought hand up and tugged on a loose curl before pushing it behind my ear and kissing the sensitive skin on my neck. "You would be the most sensitive, kind, loving and generous Queen anyone would ever meet. You have beauty beyond any known Queen; you are a woman kissed by fire. You are fierce and courageous; you are a Stark." He told me before pressing his lips against mine and engaging me in a passionate kiss.

If his words were spoken by truth than I had no doubt that his people would like me; they were also my people now. If I could be a Stark then I could be Queen to Winterfell; I could be Queen of the North. If I had Robb by my side throughout his reign then I would be able to handle the challenge without difficulty. If I was to be a Queen I would only succeed with Robb's help. This was very different to the way I was brought up. I was expected to be a Lady at the least; I was taught how to run a household and to care for my children. I was even taught how to live if I married some knight or a squire; I even had knowledge of how to live if I married a blacksmith or a farmer. I was never taught how to run a castle that belonged to a King; I wasn't taught to be a Queen. Princesses were brought up to be Queen's; I was a Frey I was brought up to be thankful to whoever accepted me. Actually us Frey girls were brought up knowing our father would marry us off for the best price; something that would ensure he had something.


The carriage came to a stop within the courtyard of Winterfell; I could see many men, woman and children waiting around the grounds. They were waiting for Robb; waiting for their King. I pulled the thin fabric away from the window slightly peering out at the people as the gazed over at the carriage in wonder.

"Why do they stare?" I asked my husband as he helped me stand within the carriage; there was barely any room for him to stand so he had to bend his head slight as he stood over me. Robb brought his hands up and ran them through my hair before tipping my chin up so our lips could connect in a passionate kiss. The kiss went on for a long time and I could hear the whispers from outside as they waited for their King to exit the carriage; Catelyn and the children had already exited by the small cheers I could hear.

"They are waiting to see their Queen." He mumbled pressing his lips to my forehead as he slipped his hands out of my hair and tapped on the door; a few seconds passed before it opened. A small gathering of people could be seen from where I stood within the confided walls of the carriage and it made me realized that these people were my people now; I was their Queen.

"They are waiting for you Robb; they are your people." I told him giving him a soft smile as he pulled away from me and exited through the open door; cheers and rustling could be head as he exited. Robb stood in front of the door for a while as he took in the people surrounding him before tuning to face me and lifting out his hand. I stepped forward and felt the sun warming my skin as I reached for Robb's hand and took the small steps down until my feet were planted firmly on the ground; taking in a deep breath I looked up.

Winterfell was outstanding; that was my first thought as I looked up at my new home. The castle walls reached high nearing some of the tallest trees within Westeros; the towers loomed over the courtyard. They brought a shadow over the courtyard and it made the castle and its towers standout; Winterfell was built for power. This place was outstanding and now it was my home.

I lowered my eyes and saw all the people kneeling down in front of us; these were our people. I looked up at Robb and noticed he was looking over at his mother before looking down at his people and waving his hand up; they all stood and stared at us, waiting.

"Tyrion, it's good to see you again." He muttered as the dwarf stepped forward dipping his head down in respect as he looked up at Robb. Tyrion's eyes turned to me; first glancing at my large belly before flowing up to meet my eyes.

"Your grace you are looking lovely." He told me reaching out for my hand, which I passed to him, and kissing my knuckles before dropping them and turning to Robb. "Your cooks have prepared for your return; food is waiting." Robb nodding at Tyrion then turned taking my hand in his as he led us through the courtyard and into the entrance hall of the castle.

"I'll give you a tour after the feast." Robb promised wrapping his arm within mine as he wound through the corridors on our way to the Great Hall.


The Godswood was just how I remember when I appeared there in my weird dream; nothing had changed even though winter was coming. The leaves crunched under my feet and Greywind shuffled alongside me; his fur would brush against my dress every other minute. Robb would not be pleased once he found out I was gone but it was worth it just to get away.

We had been in Winterfell for a week now and everyone seemed to be rushing around preparing for this babe, yet I was the one carrying it and didn't feel the need to rush. Robb had been the worst; next to Catelyn that was. I couldn't do anything without even one of them pestering me to be careful and think of the babe before doing anything that could harm both of us.

The large pond was glistening against the sun and I could see the reflections of the surrounding trees shining upon the water; if I could spend every day here I would. I wandered through the trees turning and twisting through them as if I was in my mother's garden at home; she had made it seem like a challenge to escape. When I was younger she used to chase me through the tall bushes and hedges and it was like a little game we play; like a labyrinth.

As my mind was on my past I wasn't focusing on the path I had taken and stumbled upon a loose stone; nearly landing on the floor. I caught myself on a close tree grazing my hands against the bark; sharp pins stung my hands are the grazed skin. I looked up as a shuffling noise entered my hearing; Tyrion Lannister entered my sight.

"You should be careful your grace; that babe will be coming soon." He advised reaching out and helping me over to the Weirwood tree; he aided me to ground. He was soon settling down next to me, resting his back against the tree as we peered out at the pond.

The silence between us was comfortable and we were spending at least twenty minutes without a word being spoken; it was the first time we had really been alone. Tyrion was playing with a small dagger; poking it in the dirt. I watched him for a while before looking out past the pond where Greywind was sniffing around before running into the distance as if he heard something.

"I've been looking into your family." Tyrion stated looking up at me as I turned my head down to face him; he was looking very intense as he spoke. I frowned down at the tiny Lannister wondering why he would do such a thing; I was only a Frey.

"I'm from Frey blood Tyrion, nothing special." I stated looking back at the pond when he wouldn't take his eyes from me. I was no one special, well I was a Queen now but before that I wasn't anyone special.

"Not from your father's side; your mother's side actually." He informed pulling a gold coin from his pocket and flipping it between his fingers. "Do you know much from her side?" he asked peering up at me once again. I turned my head down to look at him before answering.

"She only spoke about her mother and father; it was never by name either." I told him running a hand over my bump as the babe sent a kick. Tyrion nodded softly before looking out at the water as he thought about my reply.

"I think your mother was descended to the Targaryen family. I've been researching your mother's side once you married into the Stark family. Your mother's side is very interesting; her mother is descended from Duncan Targaryen." Tyrion told me as if he was reading it from a written text within his hands. I looked down at him interested in what he had to say. My mother never mentioned the family history of her parent's side; she always went silent and pulled a funny face. It was obvious now that she possible knew all along that I had Targaryen blood within me.

"This Duncan; is he also known as Duncan the Small?" I asked leaning forward as I shifted forward as a twinge went through my back sending cramps into my stomach.

"He is known as that although I'm not sure why; legend has it that he wasn't very small." Tyrion uttered giving me a smile and his in decent comment. I couldn't help the laugh that sung out at his words; Tyrion could be a funny little thing.

"How is he related to me? What is he my great-grandfather or something?" I asked curious of the history that could be behind my blood. I was now a mix between Targaryen, Frey and Stark.

"It would seem that he is your mother's grandfather and therefore your great-grandfather; it isn't common knowledge that you share his blood." Tyrion admitted placing his dagger away as he turned to face me taking my hand within his own. "I think it's wise not to mention this to anyone apart from Robb; they wouldn't understand. Let me find out more information first; I'm good at that sort of thing." He admitted patting my hand softly as he looked up at me sincerely.

"Why are you helping me?" I asked him confused at his generosity; I was always told that Tyrion Lannister was a selfish man.

"I've grown fond of you Evie; not in a romantic way. I see you as a younger sister; I feel like I have to protect you, look out for you." He admitted squeezing my hand gently before releasing it and giving me a sad, soft smile. "Cersie will try anything to destroy you, I need to protect you."

A few minutes after Tyrion's last words he helped me stand and walked me back to the castle; upon seeing Robb he left me to visit the library. Robb had rushed to my side and immediately asked me where I had been and why I had left. Once he found out I had been with Tyrion he seemed to relax and insisted I wasn't to leave the grounds without Gendry or someone who owned a sword or knew how to use one. Well he didn't actually say that but I knew it was what he meant.

Tyrion's words kept repeating in my head; Cersie would do anything to destroy me. How far would she go to 'destroy' me? Would she try to rip my family apart like she had in the dreams I had? If I had learnt one thing from my afternoon with Tyrion it was I had to watch my back; I couldn't be too careful.


My face was burning and sweat was running down my face, I could feel the sweat mix with the tears that had started to run down my cheeks; this hurt more than anything I could imagine. A near day I had sat in my chambers going through the painful, excruciating and intense process of child-birth; I had Robb with me but he was no help. I just wanted to sleep; curl up in a tight ball and sleep through for three days. Robb on the other hand just wanted to hold his son, to see and name his first-born son and heir.

An agonizing cry exploded through me and I grabbed hold of Robb's hand squeezing it with every wave of pain; if I was to through pain so would my husband.

"You need to push your grace!" a maid called helping another maid pull my legs apart ready for when the babe would come. I hailed in a large breath and looked over at Robb as he help me settling in a sitting position; as Robb hand allowed mine to clutch his I screamed out as I pushed.

As my scream entered the world a cry from new-born babe could be heard as it announced its birth; I dropped back against the pillows with a sigh. I watched as the maid picked up the babe and cleaned it before wrapping it in a thick fur and transferring it over to me. The maid smiled down at me softly before speaking "You have a son your grace."

Before I could enjoy the feel of my son as he rested in my arms I was taken over by another sharp pain; this time I could help the shriek as it pierced through my lips. Robb looked fearful as I hand him the babe and pushed myself into a sitting position griping hold of the furs as I screamed out.

"What's happening?" Robb demanded as he peered up from his son and looked over at the maids; they were all scurrying around. Two of the maids pulled my legs apart before looking up in surprise. I could tell Robb was feeling impatient from the way he was sat next to me; he was nearly shaking from his impatience.

"There seems to be another babe." One of the maids called out just as Catelyn stepped into the room; all eyes turned onto her. She looked over at the babe resting within Robb's arms before peering down to the maids.

"Twins?" she asked sounded confused as she walked over to Robb, lifting the babe out of his arms. She was whispering down at him and I could feel Robb shifting in his spot before he clutched onto my hand. His other hand came up and ran through my hair; it was a sweet gesture and it meant a lot to me.

"It's okay Evie; I'll be here." He whispered kissing the side of my head and he wrapped and arm around my shoulders as I leaned forward and pushed. The pushing went on for a little while before I cried out both from pain and joy as the other babe pierced the air with its cry. The maids shuffled around before peering up at me with a wide smile.

"You have a daughter your grace."

I woke from the dream and looked over at Robb as he was sleeping soundly; his mouth open as his soft snores reached my ears. I pushed myself into a half sitting, half lying position one hand holding me up while the other rested on my bump; could I possibly be carrying twins. I looked down at the large bump and frowned; I had seen woman larger than this when they were only carrying one babe, here wasn't a way for me to be carrying two. I was too small to be carrying two babes; one would be enough for Robb and me at the moment.

I peered back over to my husband and rolled onto my side and snuggled up against his warm chest; his arm wrapped around my waist pulling me close against him. It was as if Robb knew I had been having doubt about the babe and was comforting while still asleep. I rested my hand against his heart not only hearing it but feeling it as well; it was steady and comforting. My eyes closed as his heart was like a sweet song that drifted me to sleep like a lullaby.


The woman stared up at the castle as the wind picked up and the heavy rain waters the lands; she was waiting for the perfect time. Following the dirt path that led to the castle she stayed within the shadows before looking around and rushing into the courtyard of Winterfell.

If she was careful her plan would work out; all she had to do was stay hidden until the time was right. She would make sure everything went to plan, if she wanted the future to be perfect she must prepare carefully for the next few days. This was her only chance to make things right.

She would not fail.