Stark´s Frey Girl


Chapter 047




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"I want to hold our daughter Robb." I demanded reaching over as far as possible to claim my daughter from his arms. Robb pulled his arms back looking down at the bundle as if he was scared I would hurt our daughter. "Robb pass me my daughter!" I spat pushing myself up into a better position to lean over and take the baby from his arms. Robb's eyes flashed up to meet mine at my words; he looked pained.

"We don't have a daughter Evie." He whispered lowering his eyes back down to the bundle without sparing me another glance. His words ripped through me and the only thoughts running through my head was that the Gods had taken her away from me so I could live; they said only two could survive. Were those two people me and Bran? The tears slipped and rolled down my cheeks before I could control them; the Gods had taken too much from me. I looked at the bundle in my husband's arms and felt the need to hold my baby; I would at least hold her before she was buried.

"Let me hold her." I cried hoping this time Robb would do as I said and hand me our daughter. His head slowly raised and he frowned as he looked up at me. Did he not wish for me to hold our child? Did he blame me for her death? Was he really going to blame me for being out here and bring the death to our child? All I could see in his eyes was the confusion; was he questioning why I needed to hold here? "I'm sorry she died Robb, I just need to hold her."

"You speak of things I don't understand, we never had a daughter." Robb muttered handing over the baby and settling her in my waiting arms. She was heavy and still warm as if she had only just passed to the Gods. I stared down at the baby but her face was covered by the fur she was wrapped in; I lifted up my hand to uncover her face but a small cry stopped me. My eyes snapped up to Robb and he nodded his head slowly as he raised his hands and pulled the fur away. Blue eyes looked up at me shining with unshed tears; my heart tugged at those shining eyes.

"But I thought you said we didn't have a daughter." I accused him as I stared down at our child as she rested in my arms. Her hair was dark and it was already long enough that it was curling slightly; she was Robb's copy, his hair, his eyes. Robb snorted beside me and I felt his hand tug the lower half of the cloak.

"I was telling you no lies Evie; we have no daughter." He replied lifting the babe from my arms allowing the furs to fall. I watched as the fur dropped into Robb's lap as he held our baby safely within his hands so I could see her; it was only then that I noticed that she wasn't a girl.

"A boy?" I whispered frowning in confusion. It did not make sense I had been told that I was carrying a daughter; those that had been with the Gods told me. I had been told that I was to have a daughter I had been told that the Gods had said I was having a daughter. "The Gods were wrong." Robb looked at me as I uttered these words and quickly turned to face me instead of our son.

"What do you mean the Gods were wrong?" he asked tucking the baby in the crook of his arm and shuffling closer to me. I looked over at him holding our baby so carefully in his arms before looking up into his piercing blue eyes.

"She spoke to someone who has passed over." The croaking voice of Talisa stated reminding us that she was still in fact with us. I had forgotten her presence since I laid eyes on the bundle in Robb's arms; it seemed he forgot her as well.

"What does that mean?" Robb asked her turning to face her as well; his facial expressions told me he forgot she was here as well. Talisa settled down on her knees and looked over at me with a new kind of look; one I described as admiration.

"There have been stories about a few that have had near death experience and they had gone to a place where those that have passed over are. I've heard about the time when you were attacked; how you saw your mother and a few others. This time was no different right?" she asked looking at me expectantly waiting for my reply; I nodded giving her my answer. "You have a gift that many wish to have. You have that chance to speak with those that have died; the Gods favour you and have given you a gift."

"This gift the Gods gave you; you speak to your mother and my father. What did they tell you?" Robb asked peering down at me with a questioning eyes; he really wished to know what his father said. I peered down at the baby in my arms looking at him in disbelief still not believing he was a boy.

"Your father told me our babe was a girl so you would understand my surprise when you told me he was a boy." I muttered to him not taking my eyes off our little boy. His eyes had been flicking between me and Robb but now he was making little whining noise as his head turned towards my body; I had a feeling he was hungry. I looked up and over at Talisa and I knew she could tell what I was asking as she gave a slight nod of her head. She shuffled over slowly as Greywind let out a low, menacing growl in a warning.

"Just lift him close to your breast and he will be able to do the rest of the work." She instructed helping me lift him closer to my chest as she loosened the ties. I heard Robb stifle a groan as the fabric of my dress pulled apart and presented my breasts to the cool night; he hadn't seen my naked in a few weeks. The baby shuffled his head closer and his mouth soon latched onto my breast and he gentle suckled; the feeling was not what I expected. It hurt slightly and my eyes snapped to Talisa once again. "It's normal for it to hurt or feel weird the first few times."

The silence between us grew as the little boy continued to suckle and earn his feel; Robb was watching with wide, burning eyes. Talisa was pulling herself away slowly as if not to draw our attention and if I could have taken my eyes off of our son I would have stopped her; she and brought on the labour and my near death, but I couldn't careless to what happened to her.

"Eddard Stark." I whispered running my fingers over his hair and he pulled away from my breast, dosing in a sleep.

"What?" Robb muttered resting his hand on my knee as he brought himself closer to the child in my arms. I looked away from my baby and looked into my husband's eyes as I gave him a soft, yet happy, satisfied smile.

"I told your father that when we had a boy we would call him Eddard; I know it's what you wish Robb. Your father would be honoured and I see the Stark blood in him; he is an Eddard." I told him bring the hand that had touched Eddard's hair and rested it on Robb's face. Robb smiled at m words before leaning over and pressing his lips to my forehead.

"I love you very much; as well as you Eddard." H stated pressing his lips to our sons forehead before pulling away and standing above us. "I think it's time to head back to the castle; Talisa you will join us. You're punishment well be handled when I have my wife and son safely within our home." He told the paralyzed woman as she stood quietly by the burning fire, peering down into the deep waters of the lake; she gave a small nod toward her King in understanding.


The ride back was uncomfortable and slow; Robb was walking beside me and Talisa was trailing behind. Her hands were tied by the same rope that bound me and Greywind was running ahead of us but would loop round to make sure everything was tolerable. Eddard was resting in my arms and I clutched onto the reins of the horse tightly; I had my fears of falling off. I had an uncomfortable and painful ache between my legs, but Talisa said it was to be expected after giving birth; I suppose riding a horse and not resting wasn't helping.

As we trailed out of the woods and settled onto the path that led up to the castle my eyes settled on the many men rushing around, some on horse others in foot; had Robb ordered his men to look for me? My question was answered when Tyrion rushed over on his horse having spotted us. To my eyes he looked revealed to see me and the smile sent my way confirmed that.

"Your grace it is pleasing to see you are okay," he shouted as he approached closer his horse speeding with the small nudge sent my Tyrion. Tyrion's eyes looked over my quickly and then settled on the bundle wrapped safely within my arms; his eyes widened at the sight and he flashed his eyes up to mine. "You had the babe?" it wasn't much of a question he was just waiting for the confirmation.

"She did Tyrion and it did not go to plan; I wish for Maester Steel to look her over." Robb uttered to his now close companion. They exchanged a glance before Tyrion turned his gaze back upon me and the baby; he smiled softly as the baby cried out in my arms.

"What did the Gods grace you with Evie?" he asked softly his eyes waiting in anticipation for my answer; Tyrion had grown as part of the family. Tyrion had become a closer member of the Stark family than he had ever been to the Lannister's; we had proved that true family didn't have to be related by blood.

"A son Tyrion; the Gods have graced use with little Eddard." I replied smiling down at my son as he cooed softly and kicked in his sleep. We had created a beautiful boy and I was grateful and slightly happy that the Gods had been wrong and had graced use with Eddard; it felt right to have him here.

"A little Prince; this will go down in history. The first child born in the winter at Winterfell was the Little Prince." Tyrion told me riding up beside me and peering down at the face poking out of the furs; a low chuckle erupted from the blond man. "He is his father; I bet that had him proud."

"Robb would not admit it Tyrion, you and I both know that; he would insist he would be proud whether Eddard was a girl or boy." I announced watching Robb shake his head as he heard our whispered words; he knew it was true but he would deny it.

"Yes he is too stubborn to admit he would have rather have a son over a daughter." Tyrion declared loudly making sure Robb would be able to hear; that was shown when Robb turned his head to glare at the pair of use before coming to a standstill. I raised my head and looked at what had caused Robb to stop; I had not realized how fast we had been travelling.

We had now reached close to the gates of Winterfell and standing outside waiting for our return was Catelyn Stark. Her eyes didn't hover on Robb for long and they didn't even connect with mine just dropped down to the crying baby fighting against the furs in my arms.

"Bless the Gods!" she exclaimed doing a very unladylike thing and running down the small hill to reach us within seconds. In all the time I had known Catelyn Stark I had never seen her run and now I was astonished at her behaviour; this was the woman that scolded Arya for acting unladylike. Her eyes rounded on Robb once she had stopped in front of us and she looked at him in anger. "You let her have the babe away from the castle! How stupid could you be Robb? What if something happened? They could have been hurt!" she snapped staring at her eldest child and son, not caring that he was now a King; she was his mother and always would treat him as her child. Robb didn't have a chance to speak due to his mother's constant yells and I felt sorry for my husband as he stood there opening and closing his mouth.

"Eddard is safe, Catelyn." I projected knowing she heard me when her body stiffened at my words and her head snapped up to look at me; her eyes were wide and watering. She pushed past Robb without words and stopped at the side of the horse looking up at me expectantly; she was hoping I had no lies for her.

"Eddard? You're not lying to me Evie?" she asked softly her eyes settling on the baby as he squirmed in my arms; he was uncomfortable just as I was. I smiled down at her softly and took in a deep breath before leaning toward her with Eddard extended from my arms for her to hold. She reached out slowly as if afraid to be holding something so small and fragile; it had been years since she had to hold a small new-born babe. She sucked in her breath as he settled against her chest and opened his blue eyes looking up at her; he was Robb's copy but I bet she saw Eddard in him. "He's beautiful; he's a Stark."

"You may be right Catelyn; he is a Stark." I yawned resting my hand over my mouth as exhaustion overcame me; I needed to sleep now. Robb caught onto my yawn and replaced his mother by my side, reaching up to help me down from the horse; that hurt more than I thought as well.

"Take Eddard to our chambers mother; I'll escort Evie." He muttered taking hold of my hand and supporting me through the courtyard ignoring the looks we received from his soldiers and the village people; they were looking at the bundle in Catelyn's arms. "I should have brought you back sooner." He mumbled removing h and is hand from mine and resting it in the small of my back.

"You did your best Robb; I do not blame you, I'm proud of you." I whispered to him placing my hand on his chest over his heart; the beating seemed to increase as I did so. Robb smiled down at me softly as his fingers stroked my back through the dress as he led me into the entrance hall of the castle. Catelyn had already reached the stairs and had now ascended upon the first step; she was softly speaking to her grandson. Just as Robb and I reached the stairs Sansa ran down the hall from the direction kitchens; her face was red and her hair was knotted and loose.

"I heard you had the babe!" she exclaimed once her eyes settled on me and dropped to my flatter stomach; there was still a small but there but it would eventually go. Her eyes turned to Robb before shooting back to me before her eyes turned into frowned and her eyes pierced into mine. "Where is your babe?" she asked looking between me and Robb as if she was scolding us both.

"She's with mother; we will be joining her now." Robb told her pushing onto the small of my back once against to lead me over to the stairs where we could then reach our chamber. Sansa looked upset at not being able to see the baby and folded her arms against her chest as she glared at her brother.

"You can see Eddard in the morning Sansa; you won't be missing out on anything." I assured her before we disappeared up the stairs and headed to our room; I would soon be in our soft bed. That was all I wanted right now; to sleep and wake up to my son and husband.

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