Stark´s Frey Girl


Chapter 048




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The night was pierced by a shrill, sharp cry; the cry of my son. I struggled to stir at first but as soon as I released that it was my son crying I was already sitting up in the bed about to pull the covers back; my husband had already beat me to it. Robb was already standing by Eddard's basinet by the time I had pulled myself into a sitting position when I realized he was already seeing to our son. Being a father seemed to come natural to him and although Eddard had only been in the world for a few brief hours Robb hadn't left his side for longer than a minute or two.

"I think he's hungry." Robb stated turning toward me with the babe cradled in the round of his arms; my heart swelled at seeing my husband holding our son. It was breath-taking and I couldn't believe that I finally had a family that I could love and would love me back conditionally; the only people I had that with was my sisters after my mother died.

"Maester Steel said he will want to feed every three to four hours; I'm surprised he waited longer before crying." I informed him as I lifted my arms up slightly to accept Eddard as Robb passed him down to me. Eddard wasn't heavy but he felt snug within my arms; he was meant to be in my arms. "He's perfect Robb." I whispered as I loosened the ties on my nightdress so I was able to feed Eddard.

"He looks like you." Robb stated as he watched intently as I brought Eddard's face closer to my breast waiting for him to latch on. As soon as his lips touched my breast his gently sucking could be felt and I felt proud that I didn't have any trouble feeding him the first time alone without anyone other than Robb with me. I brought my right hand up and ran it other the dark curls already settling on Eddard's head before turning to look at Robb. Our son was more like Robb than he was me and it wasn't going to take long before Robb saw that.

"He's his father's son Robb; he's going to be a mini you." I told him resting my head against his shoulder as he leaned closer into me so he could look down over our son. No words needed to be said; we were content without spouting useless words. We had become a family now and we would stay a family. "Has Bran woken?" I asked breaking the silence after a few minutes; Eddard had fallen back to sleep but he was still sucking to fill his belly.

"No there has been no improvement. Mother is wishing it wasn't like last time; he has to be okay." Robb muttered running his hand through my loose curls as he pulled me closer to his body care not to knock the small babe still latched onto me. Although I couldn't see his face I could tell he was in pain; he wanted his brother to wake up and be fine. It couldn't be like last time, this family had just been built back together and it didn't need to be pulled apart again.

"Have you spoken to Jon?" I asked hoping it would clear his mind of horrid thoughts involving little Bran. I felt him chuckle as he moved his arm from my hair and rested it against the arm I had Eddard cradled in.

"I sent him a raven after Eddard was born; I'm still waiting for his reply. I don't have a doubt that he will come to visit, he can bring Samwell down with him. I've heard so much about this friend of his and I would like the chance to meet him." Robb replied stroking my arm gently as brought his lips against my hair and placed a feather light kiss against my temple.

"I would like to meet Jon at least once before I got to the Gods. You seem to bring him up in most of your conversations and it would be nice to meet your brother Robb." I informed him leaning my head back and resting it in the crook between his shoulder and neck.

"Jon would wish to meet you as well; you are his only good-sister." Robb sighed before resting his head against mine and taking in a deep sigh. I knew then that we were going to be okay. It didn't matter that we had no clue how to bring up a babe; we would do it together as a family.


Three drawn out, tiresome days had passed since Eddard's birth and I was finally feeling the effects now. I was tired and in pain. Eddard seemed to wake me once I had finally forgotten the pain long enough to fall asleep and then I felt the pain once I was awake; the weird thing was I loved every part of it.

Everyone apart from Bran had seen Eddard by now and I now that Robb had taken Eddard to Bran's room during one of my naps. Catelyn was I awe of her grandson and was coming in every mealtime to help escort me down to the hall even though Robb hardly left my side. Rickon didn't like Eddard when he first saw him, but Catelyn assured me that he was only jealous that he would no longer have the attention on him. He would grow out of it in a few days or weeks, but I was hoping it would be soon; I missed having him around.

Sansa had made it her mission to visit at least twice a day and she was always bringing some small toy or baby item from those around the village; small gifts for the little Prince. It was very considerate of the village people and I knew that soon Robb would have to present our son to our people; Catelyn said it was customary for a Lord to announce a name and gender of his child, but as a King the village people would be presented with the Prince or Princess. They would all be able to walk into the great hall a week after his birth and then present him with gifts and such; I was willing to do so but it was giving me a bad feeling.

"Can you tell me why Robb taught you to use a bow?" Arya asked as she sat in the floor by the fire looking up at me. I looked down at the young woman and smiled at her softly. Arya was the one that surprised us all; she had been coming to see me far more frequently than Catelyn or Sansa. As soon as Robb left a few seconds later Arya would be knocking at the door and waiting for my reply. She held Eddard plenty of times in the last three days and was somewhat comfortable with the baby, more so than she would have thought.

"It was a week after I had turned up at his camp; he found me on the outskirts of the forest. I was with Greywind and I had a branch in my hand; I was actually playing with Greywind. It was funny to see the direwolf running after the branch I kept throwing; he was very much like a pet dog." I told her as the memory was forming in my mind.

Greywind ran back to me once again with the branch in his teeth; he reminded me of a dog that was once was at The Twins. It was a curious thought but I couldn't help but wonder why Greywind was spending his time with me and not his master. Seven days I had not been left along without Greywind's presence and it somewhat comforted me knowing I wasn't alone. I was also thankful to Greywind's presence after Robb Stark's close friend Theon Greyjoy spent his time staring at me; he crept me out and I didn't like it.

Greywind once again came trotting back with the branch and I threw it further than before; he chased after it like it was live prey. It was as I was watching him that I felt someone behind me as they approached; I was hoping and praying to the Gods that it wasn't Theon.

"You seem to have stolen my direwolf." His husky voice announced accusing me of something I had no control over. He couldn't really blame me for something his direwolf chose; Greywind had a mind of his own.

"I didn't steal anything from you My Lord," I replied as I turned to face my future husband before glancing back at the mentioned direwolf as a smile grew in my face. "You simply lost him to me." I heard his snort of disbelief as he stepped closer to me and leant on a tree as he watched his direwolf run back to us. Greywind's eyes looked toward his master and I knew Robb thought Greywind would run to him but he was proven wrong when he ran to me instead.

"What hold do you have over my direwolf?" he suddenly asked after a few minutes of me ruffling his fur as he rested his head on his front paws. I looked up at him and my eyes connected with his sky blue ones; Robb Stark had beautiful eyes. My eyes stayed connected with his for a few seconds before I looked back down and smiled at the direwolf.

"I simple gave him my love My Lord; have you tried to do so to your beast?" I question noting the way Greywind seemed to glare at me at his words. I gave him another soft smile as I waited for his master to reply to my words; I was simple trying to tease him. If Robb Stark was wondering what hold I had over his direwolf he would soon find out he had in within him as well. All he needed to do was show he cared for his direwolf and the direwolf would care for him as well.

"He's not a beast!" Robb snapped pushing himself away from the tree as he gripped my arm in his hand and pulled me up to face him in the eyes; it didn't plan out as he thought as I was smaller than him. I reached his chest and if he wanted me to look him in the eyes I would have to look up and tilt my neck.

"Alright I understand that he is not a beast, remove your arm!" I snapped back raising my free hand and gripped his fingers in my own in attempt to remove his hand. My movements went to a waste as he was simply stronger than me and didn't release his hand. A small gasp slipped through my mouth as he squeezed his fingers against my arm in a warning.

"I am a Lord and you should speak to me as one!" he seethed his fingers tightening more at his words; a tingling sensation was spreading through my arm. Greywind seemed to sense my pain and bared his teeth at him master until Robb released my arm.

"If you have forgotten Lord Stark I happen to be a Lady! You do not treat a Lady like this!" I spat stepping away from him and crossed my arms against my chest. Even though Robb had released me Greywind was still baring his teeth at him and this seemed to annoy Robb.

"Greywind leave!" he ordered the direwolf glaring down at him waiting for him to follow his command. Greywind stood his ground for a few minutes before dipping his head a wandering off into the woods leaving me alone with his master.

The silence that grew between us was uncomfortable and you could feel the tension growing between us like the night taking over on a cold night. There seemed to be no words to be spoken after the last few minutes and I couldn't remove my eyes from Robb Stark. Against my wishes my eyes started to stroll down his body and take in his appearance; he was extremely beautiful.

Robb Stark had auburn hair like his mother and the Tully's, but I could see the Stark blood within him. His strong cheekbones were from his father and I couldn't help but compare him to Ned Stark; Robb Stark was more like his father than he thought. Hidden under his Tully curls were his strong blue eyes a mix between his mother and father's; Robb Stark was a definite mix between Stark and Tully.

My eyes slipped down from his face and to his broad shoulders and firm chest; compared to the last few times I had seen Robb he wasn't wearing any armour or protection. Today he was simple wearing a cotton shirt and a pair of breeches; his shirt was opened at the top and I caught a glimpse of his bare chest. It was the sight of his hard, solid chest that made me swallow; how was it possible for one man to take my breath away. As my eyes lowered on his body I could feel his eyes on me and I quickly looked up catching his blue gaze before turning to face to forest as the heat rushed to my face. It could only get worse for me and for that I would blame my curse.

"Why have you wandered out here?" he suddenly asked seeming interested in my answer as he stepped closer to me. I turned my head toward him again thinking about what I could say to him. Why was I actually out here?

"I wanted to get away, find something other than stitching to do." I muttered turning back to face the trees as the wind rustled their leaves. "I enjoy the company of your mother Lord Stark, but too much can be exhausting." I told him truthfully not turning my head to see his reaction. It was his chuckle that brought my eyes to him again and a small flutter rushed through my stomach.

"You are not like most ladies are you Lady Frey?" he asked stepping closer as another wave of heat flushed across my cheeks; this Stark seemed to bring out feelings in me that no one else had. I shrugged in response to his question as I lowered my eyes to his chest once again; stupid eyes.

"No I am not Lord Stark." I finally replied lifting my eyes to meet his once again; his eyes were showing an emotion I was not used to. What was it? Wonder? Amazement? I had no clue and I suppose I wouldn't if I never asked.

"Would you like me to teach you to shot a bow?" he suddenly asked as I was about to open my mouth and asked him what he was feeling. His question took me by surprise and I lost all thought before I agreed to his idea.

"I would love that." I told him softly giving him a soft smile to go with the soft tone I used; I needed space from him not to spend more time with him. The more time I spent with him the more attached I would grow and considering trouble always followed me something bad would happen and it may break my heart.

His heat was pressed against my back as he held my arm up in a strong, sturdy position; the bow was gripped loosely within my left hand. Robb was pressed so close to my body it felt like there were no clothes between us; these were thoughts I should not be thinking. Robb placed one hand on my hip and then reached over and placed his other on the hand that held the arrow; his touch startled me and I gasped.

I would have thought after a six days of him teaching me I would be used to his hands moving over my body by now; to me these touches felt too intimate for a bow lesson. The way we were acting was appalling for an unmarried couple; we may have been betrothed but we have only just met.

My thoughts were brought back to the task at hand when Robb slipped his fingers over mine and lifted the arrow against the bow's string; this was the fourth time I had held an arrow. It seemed that Robb didn't trust me with actually fire the arrow until now considering he had not directed me to do so until today.

"Relax your body, I can feel you tensing." He whispered making a few strands of my hair brushed against my cheek making me shiver. "You're not relaxing." Did he really expect me to relax when he was so close to me breathing down my neck? As I was about to comment his hand slips up from my hip and rested on my waist. Now it really did seem like he just wanted to touch me; he didn't need to be touching my waist for me to be able to shot an arrow. "Relax your bow arm." He ordered his lips close to my ear as he spoke; relax your bow arm. Would I really be able to do that with him that close to me?

Doing as I said I closed my eyes and took in a deep solid breath-taking my time to collect my thoughts; I needed to be away from Robb to be able to shot. I knew that I wouldn't be able to happen so I opened my eyes and released the arrow without a second thought. The thin wooden arrow blew through the breeze of the wind, picking up a little speed before it pierced the bark of a tree; the tree Robb had me aiming for. Robb's intake of breath could be heard in my ear and I could tell he wasn't expecting me to actually shot the arrow near its target.

"Did I relax enough?" I asked him with playful tone as I knew it would bring a smile to his lips. For some reason it was easy for me to act that way around Robb now; it seemed the tension was disappearing between us. Robb's hand slipped down from my waist and rested against my hip once again as he pulled me back against his chest; his face was nearing the bare skin on my neck. He was quiet as he moved closer to me but I could hear his unsteady breathing, his hot breath brushed my neck and a shiver ran up my spine and a warmth settled in my stomach. Robb's other hand moved from interlocking with my fingers and ran up my arm before stroking the side of my breast –

"Okay I get it now!" Arya shouted covering her ears as I told her the story in which she asked for. Her face was flushed with embarrassment and I forgot foe a moment that I was in fact telling her the story behind my shooting. "I don't need to hear you talking about intimate things!" she declared burying her head in her hands as if to try to forget what I was talking about. I smiled down at her childish behaviour before looking down at the boy within my arms.

"One day you will go through the same things Arya and I bet it will be with our dear Gendry." I teased peeking up from Eddard – who was cooing in his sleep – and caught her wide-eyed, open-mouthed face as it was displaying shock.

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