Stark´s Frey Girl


Chapter 052




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After yesterday's incident and an introduction to Jon Snow's friend I could say that Samwell Tarly was more than just a newly trained maester, he was also a crow but instead of the cold crows I had met before, Samwell was fairly happy considering he had sworn his entire life away. In the last four hours I had spent my time getting to know Samwell and I could consider him as a newly required friend.

"Was there a reason why you joined the crows?" Arya asked taking a slice of the lemon loaf that she brought up a few minutes ago when she joined us. Samwell looked over to me and then to Eddard who was rested on the bed between Arya and I.

"You do not need to answer her Samwell." I assured him gently giving him a soft smile that would show that my words were true. I did not want to make him feel uncomfortable around us; I wanted him to feel welcomed and happy here at Winterfell.

"It's just Sam," he mumbled shifting in his seat before taking a sip out of his mug. He looked lost like he didn't know where to start with his story so I picked up my plate with the lemon loaf slice on and offered it to him. "Thank you your grace."

"It's Evie, Sam you only have to call me Evie." It was still something I was going to have to grow used too and after a near nine months I was still telling people to call me Evie. "Perhaps it would help if we told you some of our past as well Sam, maybe it wouldn't put so much attention on yourself." At my suggestion I noticed his eyes light up and I knew then that it would make him feel more comfortable and take the attention off of him.

"I would like that very much your gra- Evie." he muttered eagerly munching on the lemon loaf I gave to him before settling his eyes on Arya who had already consumed her slice and was now starting on some meat slices.

"Why did you eat the lemon loaf first Arya? Why not eat the meat first and then the lemon loaf?" I asked her rubbing a hand over Eddard's stomach as he whined in his sleep. I was still worried that he had been harmed but Sam had told me that he was reasonable fine and wasn't harmed in the incident unlike me. He insisted that he would spend the next few days checking up on Eddard and he kept his word by turning up this morning after Eddard had risen and Robb had sent Gendry to fetch Sam for me.

Arya opened her mouth to reply but fell silent as her eyes settled on something over Sam's shoulder. I followed her direction and my eyes fell on Gendry as he stood about to enter at the doorway. I gave him a soft smile and ushered him into the room with a quick wave. Gendry had grown on me since I met him and if I thought about it I could consider him as my brother.

"What are you doing here?" Arya exclaimed as her close friend who she had deep feelings for entered the room with a plate full of food – mainly meat from what I could see.

"Arya don't be so rude, Gendry is more than welcome to join us." I scolded her sitting up on the bed so I could welcome him. "Are you hoping to have your lunch with us?" I asked him noting the plate he set down on the table near Sam and Arya. Gendry looked up and gave me a small smile as he shook his head.

"No, Robb was worried you wouldn't be eating properly so he sent some extra food up for you." He replied shifting around on his feet looking unsure at whether he should stay or go back to his guarding the door. From the look on Gendry's face I could tell that he wished to stay here instead of being sent outside where he would wait by himself.

"Would you like to stay Gendry?" I asked him lifting Eddard from the bed and giving Arya a look that made her shuffle closer to the edge of the bed making room for Gendry to take a seat in between us. When Gendry perched in between the pair of us he reached for Eddard and without hesitation I handed him over. Although Eddard had only been in this world for seven days he had already caught the attention of many of those surrounding Robb and I on a day-to-day basis. Gendry for instance had become my personal guard and considering he had always been there with me especially when Eddard had been born we had bonded over the last few weeks. When Eddard was born Gendry had taken on the rule of unofficial uncle and adored Eddard deeply; when Eddard and I were alone in my chambers Gendry would tend to pop in and keep us company until someone else turned up. It was in these moments that Gendry got his hugs and cuddles with the young prince.

"He's changing." Gendry stated as his eyes flashed over my son's face a soft smile appearing on his lips as if he was proud; Gendry could see the dark hair growing from Eddard's head. Maybe this relation made him think he actually had a family, I know that he felt comfortable around Rickon because they shared the same dark hair; maybe that is why he felt comfortable around Arya as well.

"Yes he seems to be taking on the Stark blood rather than the Frey or Tully; which I would rather of course. I wish he would have no resemblance of the Frey's within his blood." I declared running my finger through the darkening curls of Eddard's head. Although he was changing I could still see him looking like Robb when he grew older; it was this thought that made me wish I could have him as a babe forever.

"Where are you from, if you don't mind me asking?" Sam interrupted the silence looking between Gendry and me before settling his eyes on me.

"The Twins, I'm sure you know of the Frey's Sam?" I replied to him asking my own question hoping he wouldn't have heard of my father and his use of the woman he met. Sam nodded his head slowly unsure of whether he should answer or not. "Walder Frey is my father; I am the last child he sired, yet he won't admit it."

"Your father is Walder Frey?" Sam exclaimed leaning forward in his seat as he spoke his words. Just as I was about to reply another shadow passed across the doorway and hovered there for a while. I once again looked over Sam's shoulder and caught the soft gaze of Jon Snow.

"Jon, there is no need for you to hang around in the hallway. Why don't you join us." I requested hoping he wouldn't decline and actually join considering I hadn't really spoken to him well since he arrived at Winterfell. At my calling of Jon's name both Sam and Arya looked toward the door and they both called out to him as well.

"Queen Evie was about to tell us about her father, Walder Frey, you have heard of him before have you not Jon?" Sam muttered rising from his seat to pull another one away from the fire so Jon could join in on our makeshift group. Jon settled into the chair as he nodded toward his friend allowing him to know that he had heard of my father before. "It's hard to believe such a beautiful and kind girl would come from a man I have heard such bad things from." Sam tried to whisper to Jon, yet his voice carried over to everyone in the room. His eyes widened in panic and they flashed to me as if ready to apologize.

"You have no need to apologize Sam, I believe you spoke the truth." I told him pushing myself further onto the bed so I could move into a more comfortable position; I was still finding it hard to adjust after having Eddard. "I've been told many times that I take after my mother and her side of the family more than my father's side. All I share with him is a last name but now that I have married Robb that no longer seems the problem. I suppose you could say that I am free from my father." I told them noting the way that both Jon and Gendry looked confused as to why I would say this about my father.

"I was glad to take the black, not because of the honor but because I would be away from my father." Sam confided avoiding Jon's eyes as he spoke. When his eyes came to rest on mine I could see the pain he had been through, his father had hurt him in a way a father or parent shouldn't.

"You don't have to feel that way anymore Sam, you have a new family, new brothers and if you allow it I would like it if you considered me family." I whispered to him softly noting the way his eyes shone with his unshed tears.

"I've never had a sister before; it would seem I would like that. I would like it very much." He muttered in reply giving another one of his smiles, one that made my heart clench because I knew I made him smile like that. In my mind I pictured Sam as a small child, one that need to be taken care of, it didn't matter that he was older than me I still felt he was a child.

"I have had many brothers, bastards and not yet I have never felt that they were truly my brother." I admitted flashing my eyes to Gendry before looking back over to Sam. "The first time I felt like I had an older brother was when I met Gendry and got to know him. I realised then that family doesn't have to be through blood but through the friendships you grow with each other. It's the feelings you share that makes a family." As I spoke my words I felt Gendry's left hand reach my own and squeeze it lightly; his own way of saying he felt the same. "I'm sure you have heard of the war going on right now; the one between us and the Lannister's?" I asked receiving a nod from both Jon and Sam as they listened to my words with what appeared to be interest. "And I am sure that you have either heard or seen that Tyrion Lannister is staying at Winterfell?"

"I bumped into him last night, we spoke few words but they were of the past." Jon muttered not bothering to sound enthused that he had walked across the Lannister while in his old home.

"With the hatred between the Stark's and Lannister's you would possibly be wondering why we let one walk freely around our home when he could be a threat to us? Tyrion is no threat to any member of the Stark family; that includes Jon and Gendry. Tyrion is a member of the Stark family; he is more wolf than he is lion. Through our trust and growing relationship we have matured into a family." I told them smiling at the way Arya was nodding her head enthusiastically in agreement; it was no secret that Tyrion had been encouraging Arya to stay true to her heart.

"Tyrion has more than once said that he feels more part of a family with the Stark's than he has with the Lannister's" Gendry muttered giving more proof that family doesn't have to be through blood. "I never had a family after my mother died. Then I meet Arya; she saved my life. I have no family now, but I belong here. I have made a home here and I plan on keeping this my home." He stated bringing Eddard close to his chest as he spoke; it was as if Eddard was his reason for staying.

"I think family is the strongest when blood has nothing to do with it. Family is those we trust, care for and couldn't live without. I have no blood relation to Robb, yet he was the only family I considered having for a long while; now we have Eddard and we can start our own family." I muttered removing Eddard from Gendry's arms gently so I could cradle my son against my own chest. "I have more family now than I ever did ten moons ago." I added looking at each of them slowly hoping they would understand my words and know that I meant them.

"It seems Robb chose the right girl to marry; someone far more intelligent than he." Jon laughed out sitting straighter in his chair as his laughter continued to roll off his lips; it wasn't long before all five of us had laughter filling our ears and singing from our lips.

It was after the laughter that gave me time to think, we had all settled into a sort of comfortable soft silence, yet it wasn't a silence at all considering Arya, Gendry and Sam were talking about how they got here today. While they were talking about the past I was thinking about the future and what it would bring us. There was going to be a day when we would have to face Cersei Lannister and her bastard son Joffrey that much I knew. I only hoped it would be sooner rather than later. Wouldn't it be best for everyone if we could wash away the evil that resided here before winter came and brought new terrors?

"Your smile still lingers yet your mind has wandered far into your mind." A husky and rather recalled voice breathed into my ear raising goosebumps upon my skin. I leant into the voice and soon my back was pressed against the shoulder of my husband. I blinked my eyes twice taking in my surroundings and frowned when I saw no sight of Arya, Gendry, Jon or Sam; where had they gone?

"Where did everyone go?" I asked my husband turning my head to the side taking in his unshaven face and pale face as I tried to paint his face to mind. "You haven't been taking care of yourself Robb; have you eaten today?" I could note the sharp tone my voice had taken on and gave him a small smile when I realised he was still my king.

"They left a few moments ago when I arrived." He mumbled wrapping his arms around me gently; careful not to knock Eddard as he did so. "I've been busy today and there has been a raven from Lord Umber." He added slowly as if not wanting to actually speak the words. As soon as Robb muttered Lord Umber's name I knew it had some relation to Talisa. On any other given day I would have immediately jumped forward and demanded to know what happened but I had to take into consideration that I had to let go what she did to be able to move forward. It may seem that I was forgetting what she had done to me but something like that would never be let go, it wasn't something I would be willing to let go, but I would have to move past the situation to be able to go forward with my life. I wanted a better future for Eddard so I would have to change to give that to him.

"What news did it bring?" I asked hoping somehow that it would be good news, but I had a feeling that 'good' things were not on our side. Whatever this news was it would have some effect on our future.

"When they reached White Harbour they had to wait for the boat to be prepared. During that time Lady Talisa managed to get some aid from a few local men and they helped her escape. Don't worry she didn't get far," he added when I turned my head in his direction at his words with wide eyes. "She killed a man with a dagger she found and was about to attack Lord Umber so he had no choice but to defend himself." Robb stated running his fingers over my arm as he pulled me closer to him so I could feel his heart beating against my back. "She died on impact with his sword; she wouldn't have survived if the wound was not deep because it was fatal." It seemed Robb was trying to get a reaction from me, no doubt a reaction that I was somewhat happy about r death.

"One would say more harm would come from her staying alive but I cannot say I am happy about her death. She was still a person that breathed and lived; she could have had a different life if she acted differently in the past." I muttered looking down at Eddard as he slept away these moments without a clue as to what was going on around him.

"You shouldn't feel guilty Evie, she made her choses knowingly and in those choses she knowingly chose her death." Robb whispered bringing his lips to rest against my neck kissing along the soft skin as he rubbed his nose against my cheek.

"I think Jon was wrong when he made the notion that you were not wise." I whispered pulling out of his reach and pushing off of the bed. I gave him a shy smile before settling Eddard down in his bassinet and then walking back over to the edge of the bed. Robb met me at the edge his feet settled down on the floor and his arms open waiting for me to cuddling into his embrace. "I would like it very much if you just held me for a while." I told him kissing the side of his neck as he pulled us down on the bed, me perched over him and his arms wrapped around me.

"I would like that very much as well my sweet Frey girl." He replied capturing my lips in a sweet and extremely heated kiss as his hands settled on my hips and daring to go lower if he felt brave enough to do so.

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