Stark´s Frey Girl


Chapter 054




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"Rickon I won't tell you to watch where you are going again!" I called to the boy as he ran into another woman as she worked her way through the village of busy people. My arms were starting to ache from Eddard's weight and I could tell from the look Gendry kept giving me that he wanted to take Eddard from my hold. It was a thought that I was grateful of having and wished he would ask already but I didn't want the women around the village to think I was incapable of taking care of my child.

"It's no worry your grace," the woman muttered peering down at Rickon with a tender smile upon her lips before directing her eyes back to me once again. "I have two boys of my own. They always create trouble around the village when I let them out." She told me before dipping into a slight bow and shuffling off the met the man she had recently been walking with.

The way the people in the village seemed to be filled with joy at Rickon's presence was bewildering to me. Not one of them became angered when he would ask questions or get in the way. They would respond with hearty smiles and joy filled laughs, no violence was directed his way.

"Gendry go and retrieve Rickon before he runs off into the Godswood and gets lost," I mumbled shifting Eddard's weight and lifting him so his head was resting upon my shoulder instead of the crook of my arm. Gendry's retreating back went in the direction Rickon had last been seen and soon disappeared into the village people.

I turned back round to speak with Lily and Osha when I caught Jon's eyes as he walked out of the village tavern. What he was doing in there I had no idea, but I knew as a crow he shouldn't be in there. As Jon's eyes settled on me he changed the direction he had intended to walk and settled over by our little group. His hand rubbed against Arya's hair, ruffling the growing tuffs of Stark features as he passed and settled in front of me.

"I was looking for Tyrion; Robb wanted him back at the castle. May I?" he was asking if he could hold Eddard and although I wasn't keen on the idea of the villagers seeing that I passed my son over to other people I was relieved that I had the chance to hand him over. My back was aching and although I loved him deeply, Eddard wasn't the lightest babe anymore. I settled Eddard small three-week old body into Jon's arms and sighed as I stretched my back feeling it relax as the weight was taken.

"Tyrion is probably in the brothel," I muttered looking at the end of the road where the brothel was and then over at Osha as she stood talking to Lily and Arya about something. "Osha, could you go see if Tyrion is in the brothel please. If anyone stops you tell them I sent you." At my words Osha left the group and started off for the brothel. She was soon replaced with Gendry and a fussing Rickon in his arms.

"I think it might be wise if we returned to the castle." Lily uttered casting a look up at the sky as it darkened announcing that the night was descending upon us. I had not known that so much time had passed since we left the castle but it had and it was nearing dinner time.

"I agree with Lily, we should start heading back. I suppose dinner will be served soon." I replied starting the walk back toward the castle sending a quick glance back at the brothel hoping Osha would realize that we had heading back up to the castle.

Snow had started to fall within the last week, a clear sign that winter was coming; it was something we had to prepare for. My feet crunched against the floor as I walked along the partly frozen dirt, winter would make its way through our land and try to destroy almost every inch of greenery Winterfell and the North held.

"Robb told me your name-day was coming up," Jon mumbled peering down at Eddard as he spoke. Did Robb intend to receive information through Jon? Was he not man enough to ask me what I wanted or did he want to surprise me? My silence brought Jon's head up and his eyes landed on my face as I frowned in confusion, Robb should go to this much trouble over my name-day. "Is it not true?" Jon asked seeing the confusion I had allowed to show on my face.

"No he is speaking the truth," would my husband really get Jon to as what I wanted or was I just being silly? "Did Robb put you up to finding out what I want?" I asked Jon suddenly, hoping that my god-brother wasn't here on behalf of my husband and only asking out of his own interest.

"Robb didn't put me up to finding out. He has planned your gift for a while; I was just inquiring for my own purpose." Eddard small yawn stopped Jon from speaking as he looked down at his nephew waiting to see if he would cry. Eddard gave out a groan as he stretched in his sleep and slowly opened his eyes. It was like he also knew it was dinner time and wished to have his fed as well. "I wish to get you something yet I know not what you want." He finally finished looking away from Eddard and connecting his storm eyes with my forest ones.

I had never thought of Jon Snow as a beautiful man, but I couldn't deny that there was something about him that would take my breath away if I had not known Robb or married into the family. Jon's looks were of the Stark family and it was a bloodline that would produce plenty of beautiful children. Hopefully I never took that away from the Stark family when I mixed my blood with theirs. Who needed a child that had any resemblance to Walder Frey and his wild children?

I could see Robb within Jon, there wasn't much resemblance between the two but it was noticeable if you looked carefully. It was the shape of their eyes, they didn't share the same blue, but the shared the same shape. Apart from them both sharing the same shaped eyes they also had a remarkable beauty that I somewhat envied. These two men that were important to me nearly ended up having better looks and a beauty beyond what I could wish.

I didn't matter that Jon was beautiful and could steal the hearts of the many woman of Westeros, he wasn't my Robb and he would never compare.

Robb had a demanding beauty; it was almost as if he was poisoning the eyes of the woman around him. It was as if this poison would spread until each woman realized he was remarkable and good-looking. That poison spread to me and I was glad it did. Now when I looked at a man I would always compare him to Robb always noting the difference between him and the other insignificant man who attempted to woo me with his looks.

It had been decided by the god – if Catelyn classed as a god – that Robb and I were destined to be together and nothing would change that. Our hearts were one as well as our souls and we had mixed our blood in the purest way possible. Eddard Stark was the proof that Robb was the only man I would love and I hoped I was the only woman he loved.

"You don't need to get me anything Jon, I do not wish for you to be bothered by this." I told him earnestly hoping he wouldn't go against my wishes and get me a gift anyway, which I knew he would do anyway.

"You are the first god-sister I've had and it's the first name-day we share as a family. I want to get you something," Jon informed me giving me a dashing smile before looking ahead again and furrowing his eyebrows. "It may be the only chance I can get you something, your husband doesn't seem too happy."

Looking ahead I caught what Jon had been looking at. He spoke true words, my husband didn't look happy, nor did Sansa as she stood by his side with the same expression plastered on her face. I sighed deeply before resting a hand on Jon's arm and waving my fingers slightly, a sigh that I wanted Eddard back. It would not do if Robb thought I was abandoning my duties as a mother, which I doubt he would.

When Robb Stark got angry he tended to say things that he regretted and I was not going to allow him to criticize my role as Eddard's mother. Settling Eddard's heavy weight into my arms made me feel complete again, I didn't know I had been missing him until he was cradled against my chest. With a slow step forward careful of the ice-covered ground I stepped toward my husband ready for anything he threw my way.

I was a few steps away from Robb when he took the last steps to close the gap between us. Eddard was taken out of my arms within seconds and resting against his father's chest. Robb had Eddard cradled with his left arm and used his right hand to grab hold of my elbow to lead me into the castle. It was that gesture that made me believe he was angry, Robb would never hurt me, not even if he was angry. It was Eddard's safety that had him angry and he would do anything to protect his son.


"Remind me again why you left without letting me know?" Robb asked settling his back against the wooden table in our chambers.

He had settled Eddard into his bassinet once we entered the room and that had been over an hour ago. Robb was now complaining about me taking Eddard down into the village without warning him beforehand.

My fingers ran over the thin fabric of the white shirt I had made for Eddard, I was stitching a dark direwolf into the material. He was a wolf and I wanted everyone to know it, I was proud that my son had been born a Stark and if I was going to show it no one could stop me. I looked up from my stitching at my husband's words, stopping the needle from pulling the dark thread through the white cotton.

"You were somewhere I couldn't find you and I was bored so I asked Gendry to come to the kitchens with me. I decided once I arrived in the kitchens that I wanted to go down into the village and asked Hot Pie if he wanted to go down with me. I also asked Osha and Lily, and then Rickon wanted to come and Arya also asked so we all ended up going down." I told him glancing back down at the shirt before flicking my eyes up at him again.

He was brooding, wondering what he could say to my answer. We both knew I was in no wrong after taking our son down to the village, yet I knew he wanted to be there for Eddard's first visit. That was why he was so angry in the first place. Did he honestly think he could be there for every step of Eddard's life? What would he do if he was once again called into battle? Take Eddard along and teach him the ways of a Stark?

"I do not understand why this upsets you so," I added placing the shirt and thread on the bed and getting up to stand in front of him. Why did this small thing have him upset so deeply? "I'm sure Eddard will not remember going down to the village Robb, you will be able to take him there yourself. May be one day he will remember the first time he went to the village and it will be with his father."

"It is not that I was not there for Eddard's first visit Eibhleann. I'm angry because of you!" he snapped raising his arms in the air as he let out his frustration. I could tell that he was mad and he was trying to keep from raising his voice, he didn't need Eddard awake while we talked.

"What have I done to anger you Robb?" I asked crossing my arms against my breast as I stared up at my hard-headed husband. He still managed to infuriate me and it felt like the first few days after we met.

"The way you act with Jon is not the way a wife should act, let alone a queen!" he mumbled glaring at me with his sky blue eyes. Eyes that now looked dark like a raging sky preparing for a storm. Although I tried to stop it I could not hold in the laugh that escaped through my lips. How was I not to find it funny? My husband had practically accused me of flirting with his brother, the same brother I saw as a brother. "It is not funny Eibhleann, it is a serious matter!"

"I'm sorry Robb, but how could you think such a thing?" I asked him taking the last few steps until our bodies were pressed tight together. The closeness between us stirred something from within deep and I yearned to get even closer. "I love you, you silly fool," I mumbled rising on my feet to bit his lips lightly as I ran my fingers across his jaw. "Not your brother, not any other man. You Robb Stark are the only man I will ever love besides Eddard." I whispered to him pressing my lips firmly against his slightly open ones as I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down so I was no longer standing on my toes.

"I am a fool." He replied against my lips before pulling me into his heat by my hips and surrendering to the kiss with a hunger unknown to any man.


Night was brought to Winterfell through fast winds and a storm of snow, the gods way of showing the Northerners that winter was on its way to Westeros. Dinner that night had been grander than usual with extra meat and a variety of new foods such as the loaf of bread with the strange herbs folded into the soft dough.

It was something Hot Pie talked about as he sat at one of the enjoining tables, he had been invited just as Osha and Hodor were. They were friends, family and they had the right to sit with us as we ate.

Bran was not present at dinner, neither was Catelyn and I knew she would stay with her son until he was feeling up to leaving his room. I shared a look with Robb, a look that said I would visit my god-brother tonight before turning in to the storm. With my promise to visit Bran made I continued to share ideal chatter with Sansa and pick at my food.


Bran's room was not how I remembered it. Over the few weeks that Eddard had been born and Bran had his accident I had visited along with Eddard hoping Bran would wake. Those visits were of dark rooms, barely lit by a candle as Catelyn mourned over her sleeping son, wishing for the day he woke to grow closer.

She would spend hours in this room barely eating, barely living until Robb ordered her to rest and spend time with her other children. I knew he did not want a repeat of the last time Bran went into a sleep. He didn't want Bran to wake and find that his brother's had left along with his father and sisters. He didn't want him to wake with the thought that Catelyn was still there with little Rickon, only to find that she had left again.

This time Robb didn't want Catelyn to abandon Bran. He didn't want her to abandon any of her children. She had all five of her children here along with a god-daughter and grandson, she had something to live for and Robb wished she would see that.

A few days after sitting by Bran's side she had accepted Eddard when he was passed to her and as the days passed slowly she proceeded to become herself again.

It was this night that when I arrived at Bran's chambers he was indeed awake and reading. His room had been brighter than I had ever seen it and it was as if the gods had granted Bran a new life. I could see that something was different with him; he was shining, almost glowing.

"It is an honest pleasure to see you awake Bran." I spoke out to the boy startling him as my voice broke the silence. His blue eyes rested on me for a few seconds before dropping to the babe in my arms.

"That is the babe? Eddard?" he asked pulling himself into a straighter sitting position as I drew closer to the side of his bed. The chair that Catelyn normally sat in was empty and it made me wonder if she had left for her chambers, she needed a lot of sleep to catch up on.

"Yes this is Eddard, your first nephew." I answered him settling in the chair and slowly moving the woken Eddard into a position that would grant Bran easy eye sight. "I am sorry you had to wait so long to meet him. I came ever day hoping you would wake."

"It seems I have not missed much, he still looks new to me." Bran mumbled reaching out a hand and placing it near Eddard's hand, Eddard's small fingers clasped around Bran's larger finger as he ran it over the soft flesh of his palm.

It was the sight such as this that should have been captured as one of the tapestries I had seen around the castle. The look the two boys shared was intense and it made me believe that Eddard knew who this was. Bran was silent as he looked over Eddard; it was as if he was contemplating what to say.

"He reminds me of Robb," was the whisper Bran let out before flicking his eyes up to mine. I nodded slowly before moving Eddard into Bran's arms and helping him hold his head until Bran looked comfortable enough not to need my help.

"He reminds me as well."


The snow storm had Robb poking at the fire waiting until he was content with the burning flames before he made his way over to the bed. He stopped by Eddard's bassinet before climbing over me onto his side, wrapping me in his arms.

"One thing I will always be grateful for is your heat." I mumbled into his chest as he pulled me closer to his incredible warmth. He was burning like a fire himself and it was as if I had my own personal fire draped around me.

"I knew you only used me at night," Robb teased kissing the top of my head as he ran his fingers through my long red curls before settling them on my hips. "I know of a way to keep us warm."

The suggestion didn't go un-noticed and the fire burning below my stomach was agreeing with his words. My heart was agreeing with his words. My brain however was disagreeing.

"You know we can't Robb, not yet at least." I groaned hoping it wouldn't out him off for the future. I could guarantee there would be a time I would willingly make love to him without complaining or telling him that we couldn't.

"I know Evie," he whispered, hovering his lips against my own before taking them between his teeth and forcing his tongue into my mouth. These kisses were not usual, but I loved them deeply as they brought out a tingling in my toes. I pulled away from him slightly after a few minutes into kissing as a thought entered my mind.

"If you were married before we met, what would you have done?" I asked interested in finding out his answer. I was fond to know what would have happened if there were different circumstances. What would he have done if he had married another woman who was not me?

"I probably would have done something stupid." He answered honestly running his fingers in patterns over my hips. I could feel the heat of his fingers through my nightdress.

"Would you do the same to me if a beautiful woman turned up here and stole your heart?" I wondered feeling my heart flutter in pain at such a thought. I could happen one day, although I wish it would not.

"I would never attempt to do anything that would destroy what we have." Robb's words were spoken with a vow, not the one he mad when we wed but a new one. One that promised love and loyalty. One that would not be broken. "I know I have made mistakes in the past and I wish not to dwell on them, but I want to forget those mistakes and move forward to the future. You are the only woman I have and will ever love. You are important to me, only you and Eddard. I won't let anything change that Eibhleann." He was devoted, and I knew then when he used my full name that he would never try to break his newly promised vow.

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