Stark´s Frey Girl


Chapter 058




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I had grown up with a few awkward silences during my time at The Twins but this moment now was more uncomfortable than any time of my childhood. It was the way everyone was staring at me and then comparing me to the man who had unexpectedly arrived. He had called himself my grandfather without actually uttering the words. What did he expect by turning up here? Some award for finally making himself know after the many years I yearned for him after my mother died?

Robb seemed uncomfortable with the idea of him getting close to me, which was why he had called us into the great hall and had the council and a few of his guards enter with us. He sat in his chair now looking down at my grandfather and I couldn't help but think he looked like a King more now than ever even if he wasn't wearing his crown.

"Where have you been the last nine years? Where were you when my wife's mother died and left her all alone without a proper caring family? She spent nine years with a select few close sisters, but she had no real father, she had no real parent. If you are alive and well stating that you are who you are then where were you for your granddaughter when she needed you most?" Robb finally asked keeping his eyes on my grandfather as he spoke.

Arya and Bran were watching Robb intently as if they had no idea who their brother was whereas Sansa wasn't pondering over the words her brother said but was instead staring at the old man in the center wanting to receive an answer. I found it rather interesting to watch Robb as he tried to honour me with his words, he wasn't going to stop until he found out the truth and I knew that.

"I didn't have a choice." He mumbled directing his eyes to e as he spoke. Robb's frown stayed in place and he gave my grandfather – if that was who he was – a look that said to continue. "When Rose married Walder he told me to return north and never come back. Rose wrote to me every few weeks and then she wrote to tell me she was with child. A few months after that she had you and I wasn't allowed to visit." His eyes told me that he was being honest and I believed him because there was something inside of me telling me to trust him. "I didn't yet to actually see you until you were three. Your mother turned up during the night after one of the worst snow storms we had, crying her heart out. You had been taken and your father wouldn't do anything about it. She had sent people out to search for you but you weren't found anywhere, so she came to me."

"What happened? Where was I?" I asked leaning forward on my chair as he told his story. I had never heard this from my mother before and it seemed like something she would mention. My grandfather looked up into my green eyes with the same green I possessed yet they were a dull, lifeless green.

"She had a feeling that you had been taken by wildlings. She knew you were taken by wildlings; she had proof, a clock that belonged to those north of The Wall. She came to me because she knew I had people over there that would help." He looked over to Robb as he addressed him this time. "After my wife died and Rose left to be at The Twin I did some work for the Night's Watch without taking any vows. I had a job to communicate with a few of the small villages that allowed Rangers to stay there without any hassle." He turned his eyes back to me this time as he shuffled on his feet before continuing on with his story. "My wife's brother Manson had moved over the wall a long time ago and I went to him to find out any information. He told me he didn't hear anything about a three-year old girl being taken for The Twins. He acted suspicious and when I saw him sneaking out I followed him. He led me to Mance Rayder and there was where I found you. I couldn't take you as they had you surrounded by a few of his men, but I knew you were safe and I knew where you were." He dropped his gaze down to the floor and kept it there. "I went back to The Wall and told the Commander about what was going on. He gathered a few Rangers and they came back with me, when we got there you were gone and Mance Rayder and his men had abandoned their camp. I had failed you so after writing to your mother about my failure I decided to stay with the villagers for a while."

"What happened to me? How did my mother get me back?" I asked grabbing onto Robb's hand as he offered it to me as my grandfather's story suspended into suspense. My grandfather lifted his eyes and there was clear guilt shining in them as he stared at me.

"We found Manson on the way back to the wall and he told us that you had been taken but White Walkers in the middle of the night. Mance Rayder had taken you because Manson told him about the Targaryen blood in my side of the family. Mance had a belief that you would be able to destroy the White Walkers with you fire and he took you to train you before you grew to mature. His plan back fired when the White Walkers took you and brought you back to the wall." He paused then and hesitated as if he didn't want to continue and further.

"What did the White Walkers do?" Robb asked his hand squeezing mine gently as I gripped onto his hand probably cutting off the blood circulating around.

"They brought her back to the wall and left her there. She was touched by the White Walkers yet she was not turned, she stayed alive although she was touched by their cold hands." His eyes flashed between Robb and me as he spoke and he had this manic and wild look in his eyes. "The Commander wasn't sure about letting he live built when she didn't turn it was thought a miracle."

"That's not possible," Robb whispered out removing his hand from mine as he sat forward in his chair as he peered intently at my grandfather. Victor shuffled in his feet and gave a half-smile in return.

"They say many things are no possible. Direwolves were only told as a myth yet you have one yourself as well as your brothers and sisters. White Walkers are told as stories but they are real. You can't deny what is in front of you Your Grace." He muttered before dropping his head down in a sign of respect. Robb huffed as he slumped back in his seat and took my hand once again.

"Mother, take Victor to one of our chambers and send Lily to see to his needs." Robb's words were final and also a dismissal. Sansa took Eddard from her mother before Catelyn waited for Victor; he walked over to her and then she led him out of the hall. Sansa soon followed with Sansa and Gendry and Hodor rushed over to Bran, cradling him in his arms as he hobbled out of the room. It left Robb and me alone to our own thoughts and each other.

Robb's deep breathing kept me from taking my thoughts any deeper and I turned to face him. He was staring at me and it was a deep concentrative stare.

"What are you looking at?" I asked reaching over to cup his face lightly in my hand. His beard tickled my palm and a smile twitched upon my lips as I waited for him to answer.

"Can I not simple stare at my beautiful wife?" he inquired smiling half-heartedly. I gave him a pointed look that received a deep sigh from him as he dropped his eyes down to our joined hands. "It seems you have always been a lure for trouble. Will I get a day in our future where I won't be worried that someone will try to kill you? Can we not live in peace?"

"Peace is for those that don't enjoy adventures Robb. We Stark's live in the adventure." I mumbled pulling him up from his seat and leading him out of the hall. "Let us find our son and take a well needed rest."


I woke alone. Robb was no longer with me and Eddard wasn't resting against my chest like he had been before we fell asleep. In his place was a small piece of parchment with a scrawled not. I lifted the note up and turned to the side of the bed, reaching for the candle on the bedside table. As the light washed over the letter I noticed it was in Sansa's hand.

Robb had left when I arrived. I tried to wake you but you didn't rouse, Eddard was awake so I thought I would take him. If you wish to find us we will be with mother in her chambers. Sansa

I smiled softly at the words she wrote and climbed off the bed and over to the window. Pushing the wooden covers away I looked out into the courtyard and the dimming skies as night started to take over. Pinks and oranges mixed in with the darkening blue sky as night attempted to take over. The clouds looked like the snow covering the grounds but they had also started to turn pink and orange like the skies as the sun set and cast its heat upon the night skies.

Turning away from the window I slipped on the thigh length boots, lacing them up quickly before leaving the chambers in search of Robb. Halfway down the hallway Gendry left his chambers and almost bumped into me as he had his head down.

"Gendry," I called out stopping him from walking into me as his head shot up and he stumbled slightly as he quickly stopped himself. He gave me a smile once he saw it was me and waited for me to continue speaking. And he knew I was going to continue, after spending over three months with me Gendry had started to notice things. "Do you know where Robb is?" I asked him peering down the hallway past him in hopes of finding my husband.

"In his study, he's been reading into the Targaryen history." He supplied turning to led me to Robb's study but I had other plans. I grabbed onto his arm to stop him from going any further and turned him to face me.

"Gendry, Sansa has Eddard in Catelyn's chambers, would go there and watch over them for me please." I requested watching as he gave me a small smile and a slight nod of the head before leaving in the opposite direction. "Thank you!" I called out after him before walking on to Robb's study.

When I entered his study it was warm and bright from the burning fire opposite the door so I closed the door after me wanting to keep the heat in. There were papers and large book upon his desk and he was currently engrossed in one of the large books. I knew this because he didn't bother to look up when I entered. If he had been in here for a while I was sure he would miss dinner if he was so interested in that book; ignoring me was one thing but ignoring his stomach was something I wouldn't be able to believe.

"Robb you'll miss dinner." I told him softly announcing my presence as he looked up from the book and gave me a soft smile. "The night is creeping up on us, dinner will be announced soon." As I drew closer to him I noticed he had small bruises forming under his eyes, he was tired yet it wouldn't show with his bright smile.

"I lost track of time, I was going to come get you before dinner." He muttered taking hold of my hand as he pushed his chair back slightly. He pulled me so I was resting in front of him, but also perched lightly on his desk. He leant forward and rested his head against my chest as he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him. My hands lifted and I ran them both through his loose curls and hummed to him softly as he sighed deeply and placed a kiss on the bare skin above my chest. He pulled away from my chest and placed a light kiss on my lips as he hands dropped down to rest of my hips, his eyes looked over to the closed door and a frown formed on his face. "Where's Eddard?"

"Sansa took him after you left. She tried to wake me but I wouldn't so she left me a note." I told him watching as his frown disappeared but still rested on the door. "If you wish to see him I can go get him from Sansa." I added knowing he worried too much and wouldn't be content until he knew Eddard was safe. "I told Gendry to watch them as well before I came here. He is safe so you have nothing to worry about." I cupped his face within my hands so he would be looking into my eyes to see that I was being honest with him and not lying to get him to stop worrying.

"You know sometimes I find myself wondering how I ended up married to someone so beautiful and with a wonderful son." He whispered pressing his face into my breasts again and gave a soft chuckle as he gripped my hips tighter with his fingers. I lifted my fingers up to his hair again and pressed lightly onto his head, massaging from his forehead to the back of his head. I smiled at his words as my thoughts focused on what he said and supplied him with an answer.

"You should thank your mother; she picked me out for you." I teased pulling his head up so I could peck him on the lips. Robb's eyes shined with hunger and I could see his thoughts floating in his eyes. I chuckled at the thoughts I knew he was thinking and allowed him to press his lips to mine in a quickly, heated peck.

"I should thank you instead." He moaned huskily pushing my further onto the desk so that my knees pressed against the wooden edge of the desk and my legs pressed lightly against the wooden draws of the desk. Robb ran his hand down my legs as he stood and gripped the hem of my dress and lifting it up until it bunched around my hips. He started to unlace my boots before huffing and running his hands over the bare skin on my thighs above the boots. As his hands trailed up my thighs they burnt from his touch and a fire started within my stomach as his lips crashed against mine in a hot passionate kiss; a kiss that showed how he was feeling.

"Not here anyone could walk in." I whispered against his lips trying to push against him, but he wasn't having any of it. I felt his hands grab my skirts from around my hips as he lifted me slightly and pushed them under my bum so he had better access to my stockings. His fingers rubbed against my entrance through the stockings teasing me before he pulled away and grabbed hold of the thick material between his fingers and tore the material. I gasped as the material tore between my legs and he ripped the stockings from around my hips until the hung from the top of my boots and down to the floor. "What are you doing?" I asked him as his hands searched the desk until his hand gripped something and brought it down to my stockings. Robb had a small dagger in his hands and he gave me a quick smile before cutting around the stockings until you could only see a small piece of the material sticking out of my boots. As his hands ran back up to my thighs I slumped against him and turned my head to the door. "Not here Robb, someone could come in."

Robb huffed causing me to look up at him as he gave me a look of disapproval as his hand left me and went to his breeches unlacing them. I could feel his manhood pressing between my thighs as he pulled himself closer to me.

"Exactly here Evie, it's been too long, I need you." He groaned as he placed a hungry kiss on my lips before pushing himself into me. He groaned at the friction between us and I wrapped my arms over his shoulders pulling myself closer to him as he rested his hands on the desk. The friction between us brought out groans and cries of pleasure from both of us.

The last time we had made love was two weeks before Eddard was born, that meant we had waited eight weeks before having any contact between the two of us. Robb needed this and I needed it as well; we needed to be connected. As Robb picked up his pace and I lifted my legs and draped them around his hips clinging to him as I cried out in delight.

"Seven hells!" I cried out as Robb slumped against me spent from releasing his seed within me. I leant my head back breathing deeply as I tried to catch my breath. Robb's head dropped to my chest and begun to dip up and down with my unsteady breathing, his lips skimmed against the sweat covered skin of my collarbone. He chuckled against my skin before pulling and pressing his lips to mine again, his hands moved from their place on the desk to my hips where he moved me slightly forward. I could still feel him inside me and I slowly unwound my legs from his hips and let them hang over the desks as Robb still stood between me.

"You are so beautiful." He whispered out deepening the kiss as his hand grabbed onto my waist pushing my chest against his as his tongue traced my lips before pushing its way into my mouth. Robb had unknotted the laces tying my dress together, leaving my back bare and the dress hanging off my shoulders. Robb's lips had started to kiss along the naked skin of my shoulders when the door opened stopping him as he groaned and ducked his head against my chest. I turned my head to see Jon wide-eyed and red-in-the-face as he stared at us both.

"Umm, I was sent to tell you dinner is ready," he mumbled dropping his gaze to the floor as he turned around ready to leave. "You were late and Sansa was worried." He added as he stepped into the hallway, slamming the door shut and probably leaving back to the great hall.

I looked down at Robb as he looked back up at me and we both broke into laughter. My eyes started to tear up as I kept thinking about Jon's face and him walking in on us. With the help of Robb, throughout laughter we managed to dress quickly and make ourselves look presentable. I looked down at the cut stocking s and sighed as I looked up at my husband.

"You didn't have to rip them Robb." I muttered picking up the useless material as he looked over at me, tying his breeches. He gave me a cheeky smile grabbing hold of my arms pulling me flush against him.

"I'll get you some new ones if it means that much to you." He told me chuckling as he gripped my bum within his hands and pulling away from me. "Come my Queen let's go fill our hunger." He took my hand and pulled me over to the door, the hallway was empty when he opened the door and there was no sign of Jon.

"I think you have already fulfilled your hunger." I muttered darkly giving him a pointed look as I let go of his hand and walked ahead of him towards the great hall. Robb snickered behind me and I huffed off in silence ignoring him. I was thinking about what had just happened in Robb's study a few moments ago and closed my eyes as a fire built within my stomach as the memories of what happened went through my mind. A hard smack across my arse brought me out of my thoughts and a sharp cry erupted from my lips as I turned to give Robb a glare. He was trying to keep in a laugh but I knew he would be laughing soon so I turned back around a stomped off down the hall. "You are so immature Robb Stark!"

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