Rhenio Mì Ennor


Chapter 001




A/N: Hello there dear readers, and hello to those who came here after reading Elvish horn! I had promised another story based off JRR Tolkien's work, here it comes. I hope I get it right, because I put quite a lot of work in it, and it comes in slow... As always, feel free to review!

1. The unexpected door

Seriously, I should have seen it coming. I had read about it. Someone mysteriously disappearing, long ago, and reappearing years later claiming to have lived in a book.

I should have seen it coming.

It all happened on a Wednesday morning. As everyday in the week, I got up at seven sharp and made my way half sleepily towards the bathroom. I got dressed in a blue tunic and my favourite leather pants (it was Wednesday, half a day of work at school, don't mind me), wrapped my three favourite tokens around my neck, and got back into my room to open the curtains.

And there it was.

On the wall facing my windows, a big green and round door. With a golden doorknob.

I rubbed my eyes once or twice, but it didn't disappear.

I even touched it to make sure.

And it opened under my touch.

Only to slam closed when I walked a few pace backwards.

After a few gasps of fright (a door appearing in your apartment, really, you would be afraid for less), I went to look into my bedstand's drawers, and took the book out.

The book being the Hobbit.

Have you not guessed yet? I would have ages ago.

Anyway, I grabbed the book and searched for the mention of Bilbo Baggins' door in the first chapter.

Looking between said mention and the curious door in my room.

No doubt. They were the same.

"Bugger", I think, was my first word.

The second was "Shit" as the door once again opened under my touch, and beyond appeared a green garden.

Where should have been my kitchen.


What would you have done in my place? I walked in, of course! Or out, more likely.

I shouldn't have.

I should have remembered Lost in Austen.

Never enter a book. You're gonna mess it up.